U.S. Police Agencies Receive 165 MRAP Vehicles Cost-Free in 2012

Agent Smith wrote, via CopBlock.org’s submit page:

If all registered requests for MRAP vehicles are ultimately honored by the U.S. Defense Department, then more than 900 of these 18 ton, mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles will be in the hands of civilian police.

At an original cost to American taxpayers of more than $500,000 per unit, these MRAPs, as well as dozens of other armored vehicles have been distributed at no cost to civilian law enforcement agencies during the past two years.

An investigation by the Associated Press has uncovered that more than $4.2 billion in military equipment has been distributed to police agencies by the U.S. Defense Department since 1990, with a considerable proportion ending up in the hands of rural authorities with limited personnel and very little crime.


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