Allegations of Police Brutality in Troy, NY

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A Saratoga Springs man is suing the city of Troy and three police officers alleging that he was violently attacked without cause, and falsely arrested in August 2011 at an area hospital.

According to the lawsuit filed, John M. Larkins brought his aunt to the hospital after she was injured in an accident at home. The aunt, who is hearing impaired, became upset when police began questioning her nephew and didn’t understand why police had become involved in the matter. Larkins was accused of domestic violence by the police officers, but did not resist the arrest. Despite his cooperation, he had his arm wrenched back, was knocked to the ground, and was tasered in the head and neck repeatedly. After being placed in a police car and while handcuffed, police pepper-sprayed him.

Larkins was later acquitted of all charges.

The lawsuit complaint goes on to say that police concealed from the courts, the DA’s office, and from defense counsel that Larkins’ arrest was based on false information.

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A few days ago we mentioned another case of police brutality in Troy, in this brief, which points out that even the chief of police is effectively powerless to hold his subordinates accountable for criminal wrongdoing.

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