Wareham, MA Police Officer and Police Sargent Run Law-Abiding Citizen Out of Town

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I am a Private Investigator. I was sitting in a parking lot writing my report when a police officer rolled up on me, ran my information, then accused me of working in his town without checking in with the police department. I asked him what law I was breaking. (There is no law in MA that requires a PI to check in with the police). After returning my license and registration, he attempted to run me out of town. He repeatedly told me to get out of town, threatened to tow my vehicle, and said if I stayed the police would harass me. I moved across the street as they watched. Then, I was shocked when one of them parked behind me and the other in front of me. They boxed in my vehicle and we all sat that way for nearly an hour. I called the Wareham Police Department and talked with a dispatch operator and a Sargent who was at the station. They advised me that the officers were on radar duty and watching traffic. I asked why the radar duty included parking directly in front of me and behind me. I advised that it seemed childish and was concerned about the officers mental condition.

Here is a video of the incident:



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