Not Using Turn Signal Results in Strip Search

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This lawsuit came to light earlier this week about an incident that occurred in Huntsville, AL. It seems Huntsville Police Department needed three police employees to address the infraction of not using a turn signal. When one of the occupants asked if she could record the encounter with her smart phone, she was told NO, a clear violation of her first amendment right recognized by recent court decisions. She was then hauled out and searched without probable cause. She was aggressively patted down, exposing her backside to male employees and passersby. This type of escalation over such a mundane violation is becoming all too familiar in our country. Where are the good cops? Are there any remaining? If citizens simply want a record of the event for accountability, will they be targeted more? Why do modern police get offended if you question them? Why aren’t we doing something about this epidemic at all levels?

View the news report here.

Link to lawsuit filed (PDF):



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