Three Manchester, NH Police Officers Request to be Taken off Laurie List Denied

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Three Manchester, New Hampshire police officers were added to the state’s Laurie List for excessive force. Manchester Police Officers Matthew Jajuga, Micheal Buckley, and Jonathon Duchesne, who savagely beat Christopher Micklovich, were denied their request to be removed from the state’s Laurie List.

Hillsborough County Superior Court judge Garfunkal denied the officers’ request before the court, stating he had grave concerns about the officers accused of excessive force and must protect the public which these three officers are sworn to protect. Judge Garfunkal ruled that officer Jajuga, officer Buckley, and officer Duchesne will remain on the Laurie List; the three officers immediately filed a motion asking the court to reconsider.

The judge, David Garfunkal, denied the motion to reconsider and told the three officers that they are on the list for a reason and to think about their actions. The judge said all three officers will remain on the Laurie List. The officers’ lawyer stated an appeal to the supreme court is likely. The Laurie List is for officers with credibility issues, lying in court, excessive force, discipline problems, etc. These three officers beat Mr. Micklovich to a bloody pulp.

Originally, they were placed on the Laurie List at the request of the Manchester Police Chief David Mara, however he later wrote asking they be removed from the list.


The court made its ruling December 2, 2013.