Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies form gang

From time to time,  here on Cop Block, contributors and commenters have referred to police as uniformed gang members (e.g., here and here). Mostly, this comparison is based on the fact that police, like gangs claim ultimate dominion over a particular territory. They stake out these particular territories, and demand “protection money” for reasons mostly out of the control of local residents. If their demands are not met, they resort to violence.

They swear an oath of  loyalty to each other, and will cover up for each other’s gruesome crimes at the expense of good sense and morality. Officers have purposely failed to take reports, covered up evidence, and even turned a blind eye to sexual battery and torture by their fellow gang-members (see here). Those who do not abide by the code of loyalty are ostracized or otherwise punished (see examples here and here). They even have a gang color – blue.

Despite the similarities, critics insist that such comparisons are extreme or absurd. Recent news of Los Angeles sheriffs may lead such critics to think twice. Investigators recently discovered that some sheriffs in Los Angeles actually in fact, have formed a gang (based on all reasonable definitions of a “gang”). The “3,000 Boys” is purportedly a group of Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies who have engaged in gang-like behavior and criminal activity.

Evans Tutt, an inmate was a victim of several of these sheriff’s deputies who were acting as prison guards. Tutt said he complied with everything the deputy demanded. “I don’t want any problems because I know how the deputies down in their module,” he said in an interview with KTLA. Regardless, he was repeatedly kicked and hit with flashlights and other items. He suffered a broken tooth, nose, bruises, contusions and muscle damage. Tutts was in the hospital for 11 days and was charged with resisting an officer. The case was eventually dismissed. An ACLU attorney for inmates has been working to expose this problem for years.

The 3,000 Boys identify themselves with a hand-signs and barcode tattoos on the back of their necks. Last December, they were featured in the news because they got into a brawl at a department Christmas Party with other deputies. Once the Montebello officers arrived, they were informed the combatants were deputies and no one was arrested (but of course if they had been part of a non-governmental, ordinary street gang, they would have all gone to jail).  The County Sheriff’s spokesman agreed that this brawl was a black mark against the department. Of course, for years, it was no problem at all when they beat random people – but when they turn on their own, now that’s a real problem (see full KTLA article here). Forming factions within the large gang, displaying lack of loyalty and using violence against other members surely is not acceptable.

These problems all stem from the lack of competition and forced governmental monopoly on law enforcement, which guarantees police a great degree of job security and immunity from criminal or civil punishment. Even when officers behave like gang members, they are not charged with crimes or fired. According to KTLA, a few officers suspected of being involved have merely been suspended without pay. And in fact, the possibility of termination is described by KTLA as “one of the largest disciplinary actions in the department’s history.”

Really? Throughout the existence of sheriffs in Los Angeles, a few firings is the most severely deputies have ever been punished for anything?  Then again, it should come as no surprise. When they kill, torture, or form gangs, their buddies “investigate” them. Their buddies decide whether to charge them. Then their buddies decide whether to fire them. Sounds like a recipe for accountability for sure.



Georgia Sand

Georgia (George) Sand is an attorney located in sunny California. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach, music, and chatting with her cats in her spare time.

  • Larry The Dwarf

    There is only one sheriff in LA, so the rest of them are probably deputy sheriffs. I don’t know why, but it always bothers me when people make this mistake.

  • Lucas L

    Wow! A tattoo of a bar code on their neck? Amazing.

    I will follow this story closely as it’s one of the most disturbing disclosures of LEO conduct I’ve seen in some time.

    Just wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • Jenn

    It is perfectly acceptable to refer to deputies as sheriffs generally.

  • Larry The Dwarf

    No, it’s really not acceptable to refer to deputies as sheriffs. They’re usually referred to as “sheriff’s deputies”, “deputies”, “sheriff’s officer”, “deputy sheriffs” or “officer”. The sheriff is the man in charge of these deputies. When you use “sheriffs”, you’re talking about multiple heads of sheriff’s departments. Sorry, but calling deputies sheriffs just makes you sound uninformed. Please prove me wrong…

  • George Sand

    There ya go, fixed.

  • copchaser

    ok thugs!!!

  • This is one of the things Tom Chittum predicted in his 1996 book CIVIL WAR II: THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA.

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  • sickofLA

    My cousin watched last month as 2 LAPD cops harassed her neighbor, stole his phone and sped away laughing. I got a ticket a few weeks ago for going too slowly – a cop tailgated me, annoyed that the CITY BUS in front of me was driving 25mph, and gave me a ticket for going an “unsafe speed.”

    Who do call when the cops are criminals? The other day, I actually turned down a dark alley to avoid driving near a cop. Being a law abiding citizen doesn’t keep you safe when those paid to “protect and serve” are totally corrupt. Shame on LAPD.


  • Big Fern

    Ya these deputies are worse than the gangs on the streets. They are suppose to be people you trust, now they are acting like this. I bet they were rejects who couldn’t or didn’t have the b@ll$ to be in a street gang. Makes me sick that I have to teach my kids not to trust the cops. They should be punished worse than your average criminals. They are not real men they are sissies hiding behind the badge.

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  • Nancy Lewis

    Check out the web site joeypinasco.com See what our CHP are capable of. Trial January 2012 JUSTICE FOR JOEY!!!!!!!!!!! COVERUP BY DA, CHP, SHERIFF!

  • Truth7t7

    the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department has allowed the largest prostitution ring on the west coast to operate withing their policing authority “City of Industry” California, for the past 20 years, roughly 30 places of prostitution, next to the strip clubs “Sex for Sale” mainly comprising of asian women, I have talked to the good cops within the ranks, that would be considered religious adherents, they are silenced for fear of losing their jobs, as the “GANG” controls, all are aware of of the felony actions of prostitution, the motive is money and power.

    Los Angeles County Sheriffs department, a “GANG” would be an understatement, “ORGANIZED CRIME” that would make Al Capone jealous!

    Land of the Free and home of the Brave?


  • Well,I believe that if there really involved in such acts,then,that is a fact,that they also have mafia ties.look at our boarders with all the killings cause of the corrupt police in Mexico.Really think this over…They can stop drugs,& other things if they wish.But why when they all got extra money to play with…Its up to the people to put new cops that wont make the real cops look as lowlife as a corrupt cop.

  • james

    Having known a few sheriffs,I have come to the conclusion that they are out of control and always have been.The crimes against citizen under the color.of.authority is staggering.We always see the memorials for fallen officers,but if there was a memorial for all the people.killed by the unaccountable la s-heriffs department over its entire history it would it would fill the infield of Dodger stadium.