Amanda Billyrock Caged at Belknap County Jail

UPDATE: Amanda posted the following to her Facebook profile shortly around 2:50PM EST:


Amanda BillyRock was kidnapped in the early morning hours of Sat., Dec. 14, 2013 by an unknown Laconia PD employee (603.524.5257) and is now being held at the Belknap Co. Jail (603.527.5480) based on threats not yet disclosed. What is known is that Amanda is a vocal advocate and practioner of peaceful, consensual interactions.

Belknap County Jail


The text below was authored by William R. Toler at The informative write-up is cross-posted here in the hopes that it is read and acted upon by more people.


free-amanda-billyrockby William R. Toler

Anarchist activist and libertarian femme fatale Amanda Billyrock will be sitting in a cage this weekend.

According to Ademo Freeman of Cop Block, Billyrock was soicalizing with him and others when she was arrested. He says the only video of the arrest was taken with her phone.

A call to the Belknap County “Department of Corrections” wasn’t very enlightening. The individual I spoke to said that he “couldn’t” tell me what the charges were against her, but did say that there was no bail. He added that “she probably refused bail.”

“I believe she was arrested for not answering questions, like what’s your address?,” Freeman said. “So they are not telling us the charges because a) they don’t want to or b) they haven’t decided yet.”

So…basically, it sounds like a charge of “contempt of cop” for standing her ground and not answering questions.

There are also no details on when she will make her first appearance, but it will likely be Monday morning. Which means (as the lede says) she’ll be sitting in a cage all weekend.

Belknap County has a rather poor website and doesn’t provide any information on detainees. The mission statement of the “Department of Corrections” is (in part):

…to provide protection of society through the detention and confinement of pre-trial detainees and post-trial confines in a safe and secure condition.

Though I’ve not met her personally (yet), I would contend that she is no danger to society.  A danger to psychopathic government employees who wish to impose their supposed authority over free people? Definitely. But not a danger to society.

Billyrock recently moved to New Hampshire for the Free State Project after participating at the 2013 Porcfest. She is scheduled to be a speaker at North Carolina’s Liberty Liberty Fest this coming March.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts liberty-based videos, including her artistic rendition of Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson.

Belknap County Department of Corrections
(603) 527-5480
Superintendent: Daniel P. Ward, Sr.
Deputy Superintendent: David Berry

Pete Eyre

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