Wrongly Arrested by Ellis County Sheriff’s Department for Defending my Mother From Being Attacked

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I was arrested in August for standing between my stepfather and mother to prevent him from hurting her. My mother had just gotten home from spinal surgery and could barely walk. My wife and I had decided to stay with her to assist in her recovery, since her husband wasn’t. The night of the incident, my mother had asked if she could have some money for food. This, I guess, angered my stepfather and he started to come after her. After he came after her, I stood between them and told him to back up. My step father told police he felt threatened. Then he proceeded to attack me and my mother and tackled us both to the ground. In addition, he was also attempting to choke me to death. Fortunately, I was able to get away from him when he stopped attacking me and started to go after my mom. I was able to push him out of the door as he started to come after her. He then called the police and said we attacked him, even though we had three people’s word against him that witnessed the attack.

Deputy Ella Cheek then arrested me and not the man that attacked both me and my mother. Deputy Ella Cheek went to handcuff me and take me to jail. She failed to read me my rights until halfway to the jail. She also endangered my life further by texting and driving the entire way to jail. This officer clearly lacks the proper training to handle domestic disputes and the common sense to not text and drive. Deputy Ella Cheek then let my stepfather go, allowing him to take their only vehicle, leaving my mother stranded. Even once I was able to post bail, I was held forcefully against my will well after the holding period because Ellis County couldn’t figure out how to do an inmate check.

Benson Brogden


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