Teenager Detained for Filming Police

Robert Wanek was covering a story about police and unwarranted raids. Using his video camera he went out to interview officers about the story. That’s when Robert ran into Dustin Hill and found himself in handcuffs, here is what Robert said from his YouTube channel:

On May 6th I began shooting film for a new video project about unwarranted raids in Wahpeton nd, I was standing on a public street filming a notorious officer (Dustin Hill) who commonly practices unwarranted searches and seizures. He asked if I ‘needed something’ I responded by telling him ‘no, I’m just filming a story about unwarranted raids in wahpeton’ . He immediately placed me under arrest for interfering with a police investigation, or hindering as he also coined it. There was no investigation going on, he was simply talking to a citizen on public property. I was taken into an interview room where I remained cuffed for roughly an hour, I was questioned by an officer without ever being read my miranda rights while he harassed and grilled me.

After telling him the United States Constitution gives me the right to film in public he left, he returned after a long period of time and told me to stand up so he could remove my cuffs. I was then told to grab my camera and leave, and notified that I had ‘Pissed Dustin Hill Off’ I was released with NO CHARGES and my parents were never notified of my detainment, this is Orwellian authoritarian tactics of detaining a minor illegally for exercising his rights to intimidate him. I’m currently looking for the most effective avenue to seek legal action against the department but I would encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue to RESPECTFULLY and PROFESSIONALLY contact the Wahpeton ND police dept at 701-642-7722 and voice your concerns . One act of disobeying the constitution under the protection of a shiny badge, is a strike against the rights of all men and women. I hope you will all stand with me in this fight against those who seek to over stretch the boundaries of authority.

I’m inspired by Robert’s actions, at 17 years old he’s focused on police accountability and holding a call flood on his own!! I’ve joined in by calling the police station. The chief was ‘in a meeting’ (yeah right) and I was told that I couldn’t leave a voice message because his inbox is full. The woman on the phone was also upset that I was ‘keeping her from getting work done.’ I told her she shouldn’t be upset with those calling but at the actions of Dustin Hill who violated the rights of Robert.

The clerk also wouldn’t state if the department had opened an investigation, if Dustin Hill was still on patrol or anything for that matter. I left my name and number but I doubt they’ll call back. I hope the CopBlock.org readers can help with Robert’s call flood, this kid is doing some amazing work and needs your support.



Ademo Freeman

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