LEO Brad Rhoads Makes Good on Threats

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My buddy has been tied up in court over what started as an illegal detainment of his wife on bogus “public intoxication charges.” She was given a breathalyzer and blew a .04, yet she was held in jail overnight. She was also strip-searched twice. My friend showed up on the scene of the traffic stop and demanded his wife be freed to leave the scene with him.

After my friend left the scene, the officer twice threatened on his camera audio, “he’s going to remember this” in reference to my friend. The officer made those statements in the prescence of other officers. The officer who arrested his wife and searched her purse twice also tried to pin felony charges on the wife for carrying a firearm into the jail, even though the firearm was in her purse, which was in the officer’s possession. My friend was told if she passed the breathalyzer she would be freed, but even though a .04 is sober enough to drive, it wasn’t sober enough to be a passenger in Ada, Ok. The officer has since filed felony charges on my friend for some facebook posts and has been instrumental in getting my friend suspended indefinately from his job as a fireman.

The clips I’m uploading are from the night of the arrest. The first part is the threat, the second part the threat is repeated, the third is of the officer taking the gun into the jail, and last is my buddy being told his wife would walk if she passed the breathalyzer. It seems the officer made good on his threats.


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