Illegal Detainment and Search

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On the morning of December 21, 2013, between approximately 9:45 AM and 10:15 AM CST, I was stopped at the corner of West Florissant and McClaran by a man in a car, license CCHP-108. This man stalked me from the local Walgreens. He had been yelling at me, “Hey. Do you know me?” (He did not identify himself as a police officer and his car was unmarked. I was fearful that I was being stalked by an unknown thug.) The man – an African American male wearing black trousers and a dark sweater – eventually emerged from the vehicle and identified himself as a police officer. He ordered me to come to him and he asked me again if I knew him. I said no. I asked the officer if I was being detained or if I was I free to go. He informed me that I was being detained. He said that I had made an obscene gesture to him, which was impossible since I had an armful of groceries and was holding an umbrella as it was freezing rain that day in St. Louis.

He then handcuffed me and put me on the trunk of the car. The officer reached into my back pocket, removed my wallet and rifled through its contents despite my verbal objection to him doing so. While I waited in the freezing rain, he gave the wallet to another officer who had arrived on the scene. That other officer then ran a check of my ID while the first officer proceeded to ask me further questions. Two other officers had arrived by that time. Eventually, after determining that I had no criminal warrants, this officer un-cuffed me, demanded that I leave the area and threatened me by saying, “Watch what I do to you if I see you again.” I then asked the officer who stopped me what his name was. He identified himself as “Dowel.” I asked what department he was with and he refused to answer.

I am stating that this officer, on December 21, 2013 between approximately 9:45 AM and 10:15 AM CST, did:

· Unlawfully detain me without probable cause or reasonable suspicion to indicate that I had or was about to commit a crime.
· Unlawfully and without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, handcuff and search my person despite my verbal protest. Officer Dowel reached into my pocket, removed my wallet, and searched its contents in violation of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
· Made an implied threat towards me, thereby committing an assault upon me threatening public safety.

Further, these actions constitute abuse of authority, abuse of process, and conduct unbecoming of a law enforcement officer.

I am in the process of filing a complaint against this officer. Following this incident, I have been stopped and stalked by several police in the area. I should tell you that I am a middle-aged, African-American male with no criminal record. The area I live in is like a prison camp where such activity is quite common. Civil liberties have been suspended in North St. Louis county and we are essentially under martial law. The police are an occupying force whose sole intent is to menace and harass not, to serve and protect. I now fear retaliation by other police in the area for this complaint and record my actions with my cell camera.

Carl Mitchell



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  • John Q Public

    First yet again!

  • Wrongonred

    CCHP= Country Club Hills Police Department

  • Alvin

    And yet again you have nothing of substance to add to the conversation.

  • Shawn


    At least pull a t and call him a liar, t’s knee jerk response to anything that doesn’t support cops.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    If this is true, it’s deplorable behavior by the officer. Inexcusable. I certainly hope you’ve retained an attorney and have contacted bona fide local media outlets (CopBlock is about as bona fide as drug dealer when it comes to “news”).

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Shawn


    Well i’m impressed. Truth is that without some form of evidence, this will be a he said/she said. But it is easily believable that it happened.

    But this will be a case where the officer had control over anything that can be used against him. This is why filming, and protecting that film, is so critical.

  • RadicalDude

    The implied threat probably isn’t enough to constitute an “assault” per se, but yeah, you should definitely sue those cops. You also have a claim against all of the other cops present because when the cops seize you it creates what the courts recognize as a “special relationship” which creates a duty to protect from other cops, which they were tortiously negligent in doing.

  • RadicalDude

    It is criminal battery/false imprisonment/petty theft though.

  • EvilRadicalDude

    Um it wasn’t St. Louis City Police that allegedly stopped him. So you might want to take that picture down. A search of the two intersecting streets revealed a zip code of 63136. Which is Country Club Hills Missouri. Another search revealed that they have their own police department. Hence the “CCHP”. Maybe you should put up the correct information.

  • steve

    This is police harassment.

  • t

    Sounds so possible.

  • John Q Public

    ERD, you know they can’t do that. They go and pick the nearest big city and blame them.

  • EvilRadicalDude


    I at least have them a chance. They one again showed how they do not check for facts. The fact that this guy lives in North St. Louis “County” (according to him) and is in the process of filing a complaint against an unknown department (according to him) is a huge red flag. Hell, let’s edit and post it anyway.

  • John Q Public

    ERD, we know this. That’s why its so easy to debunk most of the stories posted on here.

  • edrebber

    If you had a cell phone, you should have called 911 when you first noticed this guy.


    oh look its that fucking prick john q pubic again

    are you still pushing your bullshit lies and fraud you fucking liar?


    oh look its the anonapussy evil radical still pushing your fucking bullshit you fucking cunt

  • governmentkills

    $400 to file your title 42 section 1983 civil suit. Takes from 1 to 5 years.

    Sue em for money damages for deprivation of rights.

  • EvilRadicalDude

    You can never compare to slappy. Author.

  • Common Sense

    Bullshit story #387


    Shut up or pay up

  • bewaremouse

    You need to pull the police records of the radio call and sue… yes it is a problem and hassle hHowever if you do not take action of some type it will happen again. It will continue to happen to others as well.. I am in st Louis and if I see this officer I will serve him a copy of the laws.. 18usc241,242,245. This is the first hurdle as then he will be knowingly and willfully breaking the law