Cop who paralyzed man for life continues to be violent

Chris Harris will never walk again.

In 2009, Harris was accosted by a group of cops who had wrongly identified him as a “suspect” and fled from them. The officers were dressed in black and several witnesses testified that they never identified themselves as police which might explain why Harris chose to run from them (see here and here). Deputy Matt Paul caught up with Harris and shoved him with such tremendous force that he was launched into the air, thrown several feet, and slammed headfirst into a wall. The resulting injury caused such severe brain and spinal damage that Harris will be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Paul should be in prison. Instead police and prosecutors have defended his actions. No criminal charges have been filed against Paul nor has any disciplinary action been taken. Harris’s family was awarded $10 million in a lawsuit, but that money came from from taxpayers, not from Paul’s savings account. “There was no evidence of misconduct on the part of Deputy Paul,” according Sheriff Sue Rahr. According to one prosecutor, the incident “was just a freak accident.” In fact, King 5 News did some digging into Deputy Paul and found out that he has a long history of brutal violence. More importantly, Paul has continued to be violent since his assault on Chris Harris:

And that shouldn’t come as any surprise. As long as violent police continue to be shielded from taking responsibility for their actions, we should expect more of the same from them in the future.


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  • Bob

    Paul has continued to be a violent since his assault on Chris Harris:

    be a violent blank? or be as violent?

  • Ann

    I can’t believe this guy is still on the force. These thugs need to be held accountable and the Sheriff certainly doesn’t care.

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  • Nemesis6

    So what’s rotten? The apple or the tree? Based on how his department found nothing wrong with his conduct, it’s clearly the tree.

  • joe

    I guarantee you this cop will meet a bad ending someday He will piss off someone that wont hesitate to defend themselves. hopefully sooner than later

  • A good case of lead poisoning would cure his propensity for violence. Let’s hope that he comes down with a severe case of it soon.

  • JACK

    Braindead crap give that trash an IQ test before hiring them

  • John

    10 million and he did nothing wrong. I think that whole Police department should be drug tested. What he did was assult and or battery and that falls within dept. accecptable policy?? Somthing is wery fucked up. And the Chief says it was ok? Let’s see her get tackeled and slammed to the ground in the name of dept. poilicy.

  • Marty

    good job pursuing the investigation. this will wake a few people up…

  • Shana

    Shit like this is why cops are being shot with increasing frequency.

  • Dr. Q

    Shana, violence against cops is not increasing. That’s a myth.

  • tim

    we the tax payer have to pay 10 million to get beat up once or twice can be aceptible but he continue to beet people up he is a bully he probuly became a cop 2 beet people up. He gives his department a bad name makes the people scared of the cops clean it up or keep getting sued untill the cheif gets fired and they get someone in to clean up and protect the people there job.

  • unknown

    the thing is when he pushed this man and walked up to him im pretty sure he could see that he was unconscience or that there was some sort of injury present, but then he drags him knowing he just shoved him and he hit his head on the fucking wall and he yanks him by the arm to inflict more hidden damage idk if that would have possibly prevented that man from being paralized but i would have defintely helped in the long run had he secured his neck and head etc thats just horrible and the next day hes back in the feild wtf.

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  • Larry in Va

    I cannot believe the Feds haven’t come in and taken her sheriffs office away from her and begun an immediate investigation…..beginning with removing this fool criminal from service……he needs to be stripped of his badge and firearm …..assigned to desk duty at the applicable pay rate until indictments can be secured for him and he can stand trial.

  • !Fearless!

    A government issued uniform and a government issued weapon gives those goons the freedom to destroy the tax paying serfs that pay their salary. Remember call 911 and die. The cops have no leagal obligation to protect you!( Supreme Court of the US. )

  • Edward

    Police such as this are a creation of us. As long as we let them get by with it they will contiune to do so. We, not government employees are the only ones who can put a stop to this. We can do so by refusing to accept that government employees are above the law. We can stop suppporting politications who allow this type of viloance to contiune. And we can do so peacefully at the ballet box.

  • josef

    out on the East End of Long Island, in the VIllage of Southampton, a brain damaged youngish man, was “arrested to death”. this occurred in the middle of the road, directly in front of a Catholic Grammar School. a private autopsy paid for by this man’s family, showed his kidneys reduced into many separate globs of tissue, same with his live and pancreaus. he had multiple large cracks on his skull. all ribs on both sides of his body were broken in some manner. most pathetic, was that the skin on the palms of his hands, his knees were raw and embedded with road gravel. uh-oh, I left out that he had over 20 areas on his body where he had third degree burns from taser shots. NO ONE was fired over this. NO ONE went to jail for this. several Pigs WERE demoted and one or two forced into early retirement. so if you want to die by arrest, go to Southampton VIllage to do so. THe Pig Cops there will GLADLY indulge in your suicidal wishes. this happened around 2007 (?) the “criminal’s” name was David Glo.

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  • lessgov

    the standards for cadets have been lowered to such an extent that morons are being entrusted with power and authority. it looks like america needs another revolution. when it comes, we must remember those who subverted freedom for a paycheck.

  • Aaron

    @Bob- Are you smoking something?? That isn’t even a direct quote from the article!! You added the “a” to it buddy. Read it again. There were plenty of other mistakes, grammatically speaking, in that article but you chose to pick something that wasn’t even there!! HAHAHAHAHA good work bud, you proved yourself to be very ignorant!!

  • Bildeberg Perry

    Soon someone will react to this piece of shit. For the sake of the innocent, let’s hope so.

  • bugstomper

    What that deputy did, should have landed the deputy in jail, for a long time! He broke the mans neck, because he was more interested in pushing him, than watching how he and where he would fall.