URGENT: Adam and Pete arrested

Cop Block bloggers Adam and Pete were arrested in Greenfield, MA for videotaping (which I believe is a felony in MA) while trying to bail fellow activists out of jail. You can listen to audio of the arrest here.

They are being held at the Greenfield Police Department which can be reached at (413) 773-5411. If I understand correctly, Adam and Pete have not identified themselves, so ask about “John Smith” and “John Smith” instead of Adam and Pete.

No bail has been set yet, but I’ve been told it will probably be set tomorrow. Allison Gibbs of LOLA is raising money to bail them out. If you’re interested in contributing, please send money ASAP to ladiesoflibertyalliance@gmail.com via PayPal.

If you have any information, please let us know. Don’t use the Cop Block phone number as we do not currently have access to it. If you have any new information (and new info only please), call us at (removed).

There’s a Porc411 about their arrest here.

UPDATE: Someone is on the way to pick up Adam and Pete. We should know their bail within an hour. They should be free tonight unless they are held indefinitely.

UPDATE 2: Bail has been set. $2500 each. Must be paid in cash.

UPDATE 3: Adam and Pete will be released tomorrow morning. People are also looking into getting out the activists who Adam and Pete had gone to help. Money will be sent out tomorrow morning so please get those donations in to ladiesoflibertyalliance@gmail.com if you can.

UPDATE 4: Adam and Pete have a court date scheduled for 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. The charges are not yet known.

UPDATE 5: Adam and Pete have been released.



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