LAPD Harassment

Ricky Pinzon shared the following via’s submit page:

I was leaving work when I came into contact with Officer Bridges of the Los Angeles Police Department. The LEO saw that I had a container in my hand and assumed that it was an open alcoholic beverage. The beverage was concealed inside of a paper bag, and was not opened.

LEO Bridges said, “Come here,” and I chose to attempt to avoid contact with LEO Bridges; I attempted to walk away. LEO Bridges grabbed me and used unnecessary force, grabbing my jacket and demanding my ID. At the time of LEO Bridges’ assault, I informed him that I did not want him touching me. He then demanded that I show my ID to him to “prove'” that I am of legal drinking age. Being that California does not have an “ID yourself” law, I was not required to comply with this request. I demanded that he cite or show some kind of law that provides I must provide ID for carrying an unopened can of beer.

At this point, LEO Bridges detained me, unlawfully. Other LAPD LEOs arrived on the scene, including Sgt. Skinnor. I had a prior incident with Sgt. Skinnor, in August, because I was filming her and she didn’t like that. I reminded her that we’d met before and she acknowledged that she’d had contact with me in the past. At this point, the sergeant should have used her discretion and allowed me to leave the scene; instead, she threatened to use whatever force was needed to finish conducting their investigation.

Instead of respecting my constitutional rights, this officer allowed my rights to be violated. They took my ID and ran it through their database in hopes of find a warrant, etc. After determining that I was not a wanted criminal, my ID was handed back and I left. I was very hostile towards these officers, and the abusive and intimidating tactics used by these LEOs helped contribute to my irate behavior.


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