What The Kelly Thomas Verdict Means to Me

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I am just writing to express my disgust with the Kelly Thomas verdict. What does this mean for Cop Block? Well, to me, it means that badges DO grant extra rights! It means that for all the video recording we do, these scumbags are still going to get away with murder! What are we supposed to do now, because here is a blatant case of the video not doing shit to help a victim!

In this country today, it seems these LEOs are THOROUGHLY protected. First by their superiors who have no qualms about covering up their misdeeds, and then by the courts, who seem to find no fault in their murderous ways! So where does that leave us? What are we supposed to do now? We need to realize that just because we have our evidence on video, it doesn’t mean the scumbags that wrong us are EVER going to see justice!

For our fallen brother, Kelly Thomas, justice was NOT served! Condolences to the Thomas family who will not get closure on this! I hope you can find justice for your son another way. As for the two murderers? I hope Karma takes a big wet bite out of your asses! I think maybe we should find out and post their home addresses. Keep tabs on these two! Make sure they never have a moment of peace! Make sure they NEVER work as cops again! They are dangerous and should NEVER work in law enforcement again! I call on ALL Cop Blockers in the area to make sure these two NEVER work in the field again. There’s all kinds of justice in this world; I pray it catches Ramos and Cicinelli and gives them what they deserve – a slow painful death.

When do we start fighting back? What is the next move? I wish I knew. I wish I had a magic wand and could make sure all these criminals with badges could be held accountable, but I don’t – so, where do we go from here? It is apparent that badges do grant extra rights – such as the right to murder an innocent kid and get away with it!

As for my part? I’ll be sure to see that these two murderers NEVER work in Cleveland!

Greater Cleveland Cop Block


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