Greenfield, MA Police Trash MARV

This video was taken when we got MARV back from the thugs (police) in Greenfield, MA.  Those men felt they had the right to break into Pete’s home (as well as mine; I live with Pete) and ransack our personal possessions.  This video goes to show the direct disregard that law enforcement has for your rights, property and well-being.

For those who haven’t followed this story, the thugs searched our home without our consent or a warrant (at least to our knowledge as of now).  The RV wasn’t at the jail where Pete and I were arrested, but parked several blocks away.  They had no reason to even approach the RV and I feel they did so as a punishment, a way of adding charges, and just to be assholes.

Officer Todd M. Dodge (officer 120) stated to me that he’d “fucking kill me” after I asked, “what would you do if I broke into your home?”  So Todd Dodge would kill a man who broke into his home yet he has no problem ordering others to do the same thing to others.  If you disagree with that logic, let Todd know.

Todd M. Dodge

413.773.511 ext 1301

Please record or document your interactions with this man.  He has control issues and should probably seek help.  Stay tuned for a more detailed overview here at  Thanks again to all of you. Without your support, our arrest/torture would be in vain.


Ademo Freeman

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