Are You Versed with API Integration?

UPDATE 2014.01.29
Thanks to those who have already reached-out! We think we’ve found a solution via the plugin


Do you have API skills? Specifically related to OAuth2?

Not too long after was launched we started offering gear as a way both to help spread the ideas (that badges don’t grant extra rights) and to offset costs. Though we’d initially used PayPal buttons for each item, we later transitioned to WePay, which allowed us to create a store within their site, then place the related code onto this site.

wepay-retiring-store-api-copblockBut a couple weeks ago, when we logged onto WePay, we learned that WePay is soon discontinuing the store functionality, yet they pointed to API integration as a way to continue using them to process transactions.

Info from WePay about their API integration:

If you think you have the skills and time to help create a solution hit me up:

Let me know if you have an idea how long such a task may take or if you have any questions for me that will help you answer that question. I already have someone interested in assisting (if needed) but they are new to this type of coding and would like someone more familiar to spearhead. Of course, if we do reach a consensual arrangement, you’ll be compensated for your time and skills (in your choice of FRNs, Bitcoin, gear, or some combination).


Pete Eyre

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