Happy Secession Day

I hear today is some national holiday, it started when a bunch of slave owners declared everyone is equal then gave only voting powers to white, male land owners then counted blacks as 3/5 of a person.

They rebelled against an oppressive government that was always stealing the people’s money via high taxes. The high taxes and tariffs drastically raised the prices of tea and cigarettes and the people revolted.

It was considered your patriotic duty to stand up to the costumed oppressors, I think you know where I’m going with this, the government we have nowadays is worse than they one the founding fathers fought so hard to overthrow. And make no mistake, the founding fathers didn’t fight for our freedom, they simply fought for a nicer form of slavery.

Today we use Independence Day not to celebrate our freedom and our right to do whatever we want so long as we harm no one. We use it to celebrate our national pastime, war. As a matter of fact todays Reds game will have limited commercial interruptions so they can talk to troops overseas and allow people to send text messages to the troops. Most everyone will vomit the local gang colors, which I believe are Red, White and Blue. And they will sing patriotic songs, which somehow make them more patriotic than you and I.

To hell with all of that, celebrate today by doing a little civil disobedience. Celebrate today by saying no to a police officers ridiculous demands. Say no to the oppressive men in blue protecting the politicians power who do things like this to those that challenge them.

Withdraw from whatever society America forces you into. Don’t recognize whatever words our so-called “leaders” wrote down on a piece of paper saying they can control what you do. Carry a gun and tell the police to F off, we don’t need your protection, and while you’re at it stop paying your protection money, ie. taxes.

Today, celebrate your freedom that you don’t have. Be disobedient, smoke a joint, drive without your seatbelt on, videotape the police, or even go out in public nude, and then watch the police state in action and refuse to do what they order you to do.

Put your flags away, burn your patriotic music, tell the government to go to hell and live freely and not give a damn what the government thinks about it. Tell people what the soldiers really are, killers for hire. Tell people who the cops really serve and protect, the politicians.

There is no better way to show how the politicians have so warped our minds then to watch how people celebrate the 4th day of every July. Withdraw your kids from the government indoctrination camps known as public school before they also become a mindless drone like so many of you are.

You think you’re free? Try something simple like videotaping the police or smoking a joint in full view of a police officer and see what happens. Freedom won’t come if you keep simply begging the oppressors for it, they’ll never voluntarily give up power, you have to be a lion.

You think a lion asks for his meal? He takes it. Be a lion and don’t ask for your freedom, take it. You can learn something from the people in New Hampshire.


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