Fighting Fascism: A brief history of America and ways to stop the Police State

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Fighting Fascism: A Brief History of America and Ways to Stop the Police State

The government of America was forged in the crucible of rebellion. When the founders penned the constitution they made certain habeas corpus and a bill of rights were included in the document. This was due to the fact British regular troops during the English Crown’s rule of the colonies functioned as police and tax collectors. They rightfully filled with resentment for an inbred pompous fool on a distant “throne” commanding armed thugs to oppress them. Their rage boiled over to a full revolution, shooting their oppressors with muzzle loaders (many used for hunting prior). The war and oppression made the farmers ensure that their military wouldn’t police their own citizenry under their government. The founders admired the Roman republic but despised the Empire.

However despite this, when analyzed objectively (and not with the same reverence a theist has for their holy text) the constitution itself is a self-contradicting document full of cognitive dissonance and unclear commandants. Minorities were not considered full human beings until after the Civil War. Only wealthy land-owning white men could vote although voting is irrelevant because representative democracy is oxymoronic. All men are equal yet congress has the RIGHT to tax and ball and chain, slavery is not decried as evil. Classism, elitism, racism and sexism is ingrained the document. George Washington himself hypnotically put down the Whiskey tax rebels after rebelling himself against relatively low taxes.

Patriots, I feel your anger for such a critical analysis but nothing should escape scrutiny. The Constitution got many things right as well. The citizenry should be armed in case the Government becomes tyrannical. Freedom of religion and speech are protected. However, it never mentions government agencies and a professional police force. According to the legal scholar and civil liberties activist Roger Roots, modern police are technically unconstitutional (he is referenced in the book Rise of the Warrior Cop). This may seem radical today but early America was very different than what it has mutated into today.

Early America had sheriffs and constables that did not receive regular salaries. Also, incarceration as punishment for crimes was rare. This is very different from the modern America probably making infamous author George Orwell spin like a running airplane propeller blade in his grave.

The American government has experienced an evolutionary change from volunteer peace keepers to a bloated system with jackbooted state mercenaries carrying rifles just to apprehend petty thieves, fast drivers, and drug users. How did this happen? Either the constitution has failed or been misinterpreted and ignored. I would argue both.

The Clowns that wear the ugly dresses called Supreme Court Judges have recently interpreted political bribes known as campaign contributions as free speech. I doubt the founders considered money free speech. This is an example how the constitution can be ignored or misconstrued to render any result wanted. Civil rights leader that has been made into an abstract saint by the modern corporate media, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said comparing 1960’s America to 1940’s Germany that everything Hitler did was legal. This statement demonstrates how aberrant behavior can be legitimized by a state entity.

Most police violence on citizens is justified by the state. This is very evident in recent acquittal of the uniformed crooks that beat to death homeless man Kelley Thomas for committing no crime. Just suing the police can be nightmarish for lawyers because they can lose their bar status.

During the turbulent 1960’s, police were starting to be seen as overt oppressors as they beat nonviolent protesters. In response, the Weathermen Underground and the legendary original Black Panther Party for Self Defense formed. The groups became allies in the struggle. The latter made clear that they would kill rogue police that threatened their lives without provocation. The police were shocked seeing minority males carrying weapons also while being legally aware. They coined the popular term “pig” as an epithet for police that wasn’t technically profane. The assassination attempt on Black Panther cofounder Huey P. Newton by uniformed police showed the world why some police deserve the moniker of pig.

Rampant corruption, wealth gap, foreign wars and an Orwellian police state growing in America, what is the solution? Anarcho-capitalism is becoming a popular movement online however; the term itself is a paradox. How could blind greed with no regulations provide for all and not concentrate economic power in the hands of a few (almost like the crony corporate capitalism of today)? Capitalists must dismiss structural violence that capitalism creates in the form of poverty. Monopoly seems to be the end result of capitalism and if not for the State (as corrupt as it is) capitalism would have collapsed or ended with Mega monopoly. The State is just a public corporation anyway with a political/corporate revolving door.

Some will say Anarcho-socialism/communism is the solution. This term is also self-defeating. Socialism has many definitions but generally it’s state control of a monetary economy. Historical examples end with a political dictator welding absolute over an Orwellian nightmare state. You can’t have a state in Anarchic society.

How about a world where people share things without a monetary incentive? The Zeitgeist film series (with a billion views so far) talks about this. The freeconomy website is a modern example and Native Americans are a classic example (and most hunter-gather cultures for that matter).

I propose solutions that will nonviolently (where defensive force is allowed) stop the rise of a tyrannical state. Firstly, a mass tax boycott, but we need critical mass to implement this. There can’t be police if there is no state and there can’t be a state with no taxes. Secondly, a boycott of mega corporations (this will be hard). Lastly, we establish freeconomies and alternative economies using things like Bitcoins. These small steps can begin to end fascism with no shots fired.


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