Bullying: A Family Affair

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My name is Patrick. I am an African-American, Disabled Veteran, and over the age of 55.

I live in a private gated community. On April 1, 2013, I was returning to my home when I was cut of by motorcycle officer Phillipe Lanoue of the Miramar Police Department. He turned into the community clubhouse parking lot, which is on private property in the gated community. I followed him into the parking lot. I parked my car and stayed in my car with my seatbelt on. I informed the officer that I nearly hit him because he failed to signal. The communication lasted about one minute. As I approached the stop sign to leave, the officer came running and stood in front of my car, blocking my access to leave. Officer Phillipe Lanoue, badge #210, of the Miramar Police Department, issued me a ticket for allegedly not wearing a seatbelt while parked. Pursuant to Florida Statute a seatbelt must be worn while the vehicle is in motion. Florida Statute also states that an officer has no jurisdiction to issue a traffic citation on private property in a gated community. As Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story!” The ending to this story is true. It will sound CRAZY, but it is true.

Approximately two hours after issuance of the ticket, the officer’s mother, who is not in law enforcement, called my parents, who are 92 and 80 and both suffer from heart conditions. The officer’s mother called my parents to harass them and inform them that her son had issued me, an adult over the age of 55, a traffic citation. Several hours later, the officer called my parent’s home, harassing, yelling and screaming at my parents over the issuance of the ticket.

I filed a complaint with the police department, a complaint with Mayor Lori Moseley, and a complaint with the Miramar City Council. The police responded by sending not one, not two, but three squad cars, to my home with officers with guns drawn, on a Saturday, for all the neighbors to see. To this day, ten months later, I NEVER have received an acknowledgment of my complaint against the officer. Mayor Lori Mosely and the city council also have NEVER responded to my complaint.

Question of the Day: Has an officer ever called your parents to harass them about you receiving a traffic citation?
Has the mother of the officer who gave you the ticket ever called your parent’s home, yelling and screaming at your parents?

Patrick Neptune

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