Cop caught falsifying police report after attacking woman

The video speaks for itself. You can view the full video here and the news story here. Sorry, they did not give me an embed code for the video so I can’t post it to our site. But the attack is brutal enough it’s worth everyone seeing.

ORLANDO, Fla. — A veteran Orlando police officer is under investigation after Local 6 News started asking questions about surveillance video that shows the officer using an “arm bar” technique on a 100-pound woman whose teeth were broken after she landed face-first on the ground.

The video, captured by a city camera and obtained by investigative reporter Mike Holfeld, shows Officer Livio Beccaccio taking 20-year-old Lisa Wareham by the left arm before she hits the pavement.

The incident happened Feb. 25 around 1:45 a.m. in the 100 block of East Central Boulevard across from the Orlando Library and was caught on video by an Innovative Response to Improve Safety (I.R.I.S.) camera mounted at Magnolia Avenue and Central Boulevard.
The incident broke Wareham’s front teeth.”It happened so fast. I was so scared. There is no way to describe it,” she said.Wareham, a single mother who was out with her friends at the time of the incident, said she could not believe what happened.”I went to sit up and I felt something in my mouth. I spit (my teeth) out. I didn’t even know what to think,” she said.

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  • Fred Dawes

    this cop BS Is happening way to much.

  • Hi. I so wish you guys would come Portland Maine where this kind of crap is starting to run rampant. I have a cop named Dan Aguilera lying through his maggot teeth against me right now. He has profiled and harassed me, falsified police reports making up ficticious charges to arrest me on, and has perjured himself against my name in court as well. And this is the second time he has done this. Help!

  • shaun

    I hope trthat fuker burns in hlel for waht he did!

  • Aaron

    @Equalizer Keep a video camera on you.

  • Ogre

    Hey, the mayor said the police would investigate. So I guess everything is a-okay.

  • JACK

    They do this all the time most of them never get on the news, they did it to me for fake DUI

  • Welcome to Orlando… NOW PICK UP YOUR TEETH!

  • David

    I am a Florida resident and visited Orlando on business 2 yrs. ago. An Orange County Deputy Sheriff pulled me over for a burned out taillight.His demeanor and attitude was that of the Gestapo, and had to write me a ticket for an out of date insurance form (no out of date or expired insurance, just the form). Cost me $50.00 for “Court Costs” once I mailed in the current form. Never been back to Orlando since!
    Pinellas County, FL. Deputies are similarly aggressive and rude, any “disrespect” and you ARE going to jail.

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