Georgia Police Accountabilty Network Member Elected to State Legislature

Hey folks Jonathan, founder of, here. Over the past year me, those involved with Copwatch of East Atlanta, and other individuals, organizations, and volunteers that work jointly with us, collaborated to create The Georgia Police Accountability Network (GPAN). Our goal: to better hold police accountable for their actions.

Since we began our efforts with GPAN a couple involved have been running for office, and one member has been elected to state legislature. That person is now working to ban police from unlawfully deleting video footage from your recording devices with or without your consent.

Jonathan of Georgia Cop Block

I want to put it out there and see if we can gather any ideas to have submitted into legislature here in Georgia. We welcome any and ALL suggestions. Share them as a comment here, or to, or

All ideas and suggestions can be routed through me and I will pass along to our foothold in the legislative office.



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