Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from Pete and Adam

I’d like to start out by saying thank you to everyone who contributed funds to bail Pete and myself out of jail last week.  Without folks like yourself backing us up, our wrongful arrest would be in vain.  A big thank you goes to Allison Gibbs of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA), Brad Spangler of The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) and Jason Talley of The CD Evolution Fund and who coordinated the collection of money and dissemination of updates to those worried about us.

We’ve been extremely busy the last week dealing with this incident, launching Cop Block T-shirts and preparing for Liberty On Tour.  If you’ve emailed, messaged or attempted to contact us in some way we’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.  We’re sorry for the delayed response.

We’d like to be as transparent (unlike bureaucrats) as possible so I’ll start with what money was raised and how it was spent.

  • There was a total of $3,600 raised through LOLA.
  • When we arrived in Greenfield, MA $400 had been raised to bail out Rich Paul though his bail was $500. *Rich Paul has stated that if/when his bail money is returned he will donate it to a liberty-oriented organization as well.*
  • After being released, we had to get MARV back which cost $285 to the tow company.
  • For a total of $745 or approx 20% of what was raised.

We fully understand that some of you who gave did so even though you could have used the money yourselves.  If that’s the case we’d be more than happy to return 80% of what you donated.  (Reply to the email we sent you or at copblock[at]gmail[dot]com.)

Though the Greenfield thugs didn’t require money for our (Pete and I) release, they still hit Pete and me hard by confiscating just about every piece of camera gear we had – two hand held cameras, one small ‘hidden’ camera and both of our cell phones, which we use as a means of protection along with documenting our activism.

So we’re asking those who gave for help.  We’d like to use the donated money for the following things:

  • We’d like to buy two new cameras – in order to keep Cop Block, Liberty On Tour and other forms of activism we’re involved with going.
  • Cover the expenses above – total of $745
  • We’d like to donate to LOLA ($300), C4ss ($100) and The CD Evolution Fund ($100) for the great work they did, for a total of $500.
  • $745 + $500 = $1245 leaving $2,355 for new camera gear, if possible.

If you could leave a comment or reply to the email we sent with your preference it would be much appreciated.  Please indicate if it’d be okay to be acknowledged in a future post thanking those who helped the cause.  For the record, if and when the police return our gear (which could be a few weeks, months or even years – if  it’s anything like our still pending Jones Co case), we will then donate it to other liberty-minded organizations in need of such equipment.

Thanks again to all of those who stepped up, stood up and continue to fight oppressive government with us.


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

If you enjoy my work at, please, consider donating $1/month to the CopBlock Network or purchasing Gear from the store.

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  • Dylboz

    Please, use my meager donation however you see fit, and expect more from me as soon as my finances allow. I am certain that you guys are doing more to advance the cause of liberty and expose the police state’s abuses than anyone else to whom I could donate those funds.

    In the end, it is you two who deserve my gratitude. Thank you both so much for your bravery and steadfast commitment to the “animating contest of freedom!” Fittingly, your rebellion has begun in Massachusetts, let’s hope that these are the blog posts viewed ’round the world, and they inspire others to rally to this worthy cause!

  • I think the cameras are a good use for the money. One could argue that leftover bail funds ought to go to your legal defense *first* as the closest similar use, but I expect you will need cameras and phones *anyway* in order to raise an amount sufficient to cover your defense costs — so there’s a pretty good case that replacing the equipment is a fundraising cost.

  • Renniks

    I don’t get the chance to do as much activism as i would truly like to do, so I shall live vicariously through you guys, plus I think I am making more money than the avg NH porc, so I am more than happy to support you guys any way I possibly can. Please keep the money and buy some gear.

  • Jil

    Sounds like a plan guys, thanks for taking the brunt of the storm. I believe you’ll change some hearts and minds…as you have in the past. I’m behind ya :)

  • Use mine at your discretion and keep up the great work!

  • Heroic!

  • Rob Benson

    Please, please, please feel free to use the little bit of money I donated to go towards the purchased of a smart phone capable of running Qik!!!! You guys should never be without such a useful tool! I wish i could afford to buy them for you…but I can’t quite pull that off. :) Thank YOU for all you are doing.

  • Adam Mueller

    Thank you so much everyone. It’s extremely touching to have such a great group of supporters in this movement. It’s a team effort, together we can make the change we want to see in the world. Peaceful evolution.

  • i have no quarrels. Go Allison, that woman is such a pistol!

  • Sounds like a good idea, I’d give $200 ea to LOLA, C4SS and CDEF instead of favoring LOLA so much. Just my 2 cents.

  • I’m not sure if Steven Anderson got his camcorders back from AZ Dept of Safety and USBP yet. If he did, it took several months. So it may take that long or longer to get your cameras and phones back.

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