Color of Law – ORDERED to Produce Documentation/Identity

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On January 20, 2014 around 4 PM, I was travelling (not operating a motor vehicle), when the person behind the wheel (in whatever capacity you want to say) was stopped for no tag on the vehicle.

Officer Zurowski #15495 initiated contact and asked the person in the driver seat to produce his credentials and paperwork. The driver complied with the request by initiating the officer. Officer Zurowski asked the passenger (me) for identification. I asked if I was required to give it. He stated it was just policy to ask. I declined several invitations to produce ID. I was told at first he was asking me to produce ID. After declining a few times, I was accused of being difficult.

Officer Jackson #15488 arrived on scene and approached the passenger side of the vehicle. I was asked to roll down the window, to which the mechanism was broken, so the door was opened to speak with the officer.

Officer asked me to identify. I gave my name. I never failed to identify, nor did I give any false information to the officer.

Officer Jackson eventually ordered me (allegedly lawfully) to surrender my ID.

I complied with the officer under duress, coercion and intimidation.

Notice, no motor vehicle violations were found. We were in strict compliance of the law and the motor vehicle code. The nature and scope of the stop was for the purpose of determining why there were no plates on the vehicle. No citations were issued, no search of the vehicle, no one was asked to step out.

The only crime that was committed “allegedly” was the officer acting outside his scope of authority to demand identification based on false assumptions with no evidence, witness statements or the like against me.


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