“The main issue here is that this is obviously a false arrest” – Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller of Photography is NOT a Crime wrote a great piece about the Greenfield Police, Sgt. Todd Dodge and the ridiculous wiretapping laws in Massachusetts.

Police once again used felony wiretapping charges to arrest a pair of men who were videotaping them in public.

This time, the incident occurred in Massachusetts, a state that makes it illegal to secretly audio record a public official in public.

However, in this case, it was no secret that the officers were being videotaped because one law enforcement officer even allowed them to continue filming before a cop from another agency stepped in to make the arrests.

That officer, Greenfield Police Sgt. Todd M. Dodge, also searched the men’s RV without a search warrant or their consent.

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Ademo Freeman

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  • Sue him. Sue him so far down into the red ink that he needs a telescope to look up and see black ink. Sue him for so much that his descendants are paying on the judgement longer than yours are paying on the U.S. national debt. And when you’ve done all that, sue him some more.

  • This is ridiculous the police are no longer here to protect and serve but to terrorize and collect money from any poor schmuck who crosses their path. Nail them to the wall. We have to stick together.

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