Greetings from Mark McCoy

I want to post a brief hello and tell Cop Block readers a little about myself.

I became aware of Cop Block through Facebook and upon reading and investigating I recognized that there was something about this group which distinguished it from other cop sites. Besides documenting the abuse meted out by a standing army of domestic terrorists, the founders of Cop Block take their message to the streets, damn the consequences. What particularly endeared me to this approach was the philosophy upon which it was administered, viz, peaceful and disobedient.

I am, and have been, a student of philosophy and law. I hail from the Natural Rights tradition posited by the Stoics and furthered by such men as John Locke and Thomas Paine. Virtually everything laid before us since birth finds its origin with the thoughts of other men who, for whatever reason, devised such ideas from circumstances applicable to their lives and the times in which they lived. They are not encumbrances to be passed on to future generations since each generation experiences different circumstances and has differing needs. It is either laziness or insanity to accept any system of control on its face on the basis that it has always been so.

My goal has been to chip away at those systems, exposing the flawed foundations upon which they are supported and identify the mechanisms by which the State extracts the wealth and sweat equity of the masses to perpetuate the Oligarchy. I do not rely upon legal distinctions to support or validate my arguments, but use them as illustrations to reveal the hypocrisy before us. The only true source of law resides within each of us. It is called the conscience.

Having taken the theory of self-governance, consent, Natural Rights as distinguished from prescriptive rights, I reconciled the disparity of born free, yet living as governed, by dissolving my connection with the State. I put this philosophy into daily application. Some call it civil disobedience, but I differ on one point. That is, the commands are not civil and it is not disobedience to not submit to a law which does not exist, justly. Civil disobedience is the act of not complying with a law which one finds immoral or unjust. We do not have laws, we have rules of occupation. Laws are intended to protect individual liberties. The rules are designed to maximize human output for supporting the State and its corporate benefactors. The police are the boots on the ground for that system, maximizing compliance and suppressing rebellion.

I look forward to contributing to the efforts of Cop Block and hope many find value in my posts. I don’t have the answers, but what is more important is the awareness of the question.


Mark McCoy



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