Detained for Taking Pictures

They say pictures are worth a 1000 words.  Pictures and video are doing more to fight the police state then all the words in the world could ever do.  Maybe that is why the thugs in blue hate having their picture taken by mere civilians.  A photographer, Jerome Vuros, was recently detained for taking pictures of a traffic stop in D.C.  As usual the police lied and used intimidation to harass Vuros.

Vuros describes his run in these uniformed bullies on his blog

I was told by 4 officers  that it is “illegal” to take pictures of people without prior consent on a public street, and unlawful to take pictures of the police with authorization from the DCPD PIO. That of course is false, in public people do not have an expectation of privacy.  I was also told that I could not “record people, you need permission first” and one officer was quick to say “you don’t have mine”…

When all said and done I was detained, my information ran through NCIC and publicly embarrassed, by 4 police vehicles, and 10 officers.


Paula Parmeley Carter

Paula is a Staff Writer at CopBlock. She advocates ending the monopoly on policing and protection services. When not writing at CopBlock she enjoys being a wife and mother, reading and drinking good beer.