Marc Stevens: Show Me the Evidence Your Laws Apply

When at the Freedom Summit in Phoenix I was fortunate to sit down with Marc Stevens to capture some of his thoughts.

This four-minute video only scratches the surface of the strategy he advocates, and how it’s been implemented around the globe. As Marc notes, the charade is the same everywhere – a group of people who claim the right to control others based not on a contract freely entered into, but upon their location.

See Marc’s overview of the Freedom Summit: 2014 Phoenix Freedom Summit Report – Interview with Federal Magistrate

See my own overview of the Freedom Summit: From the Freedom Summit

Marc has authored two books – the infamous Adventures in Legal Land, published in August of 2003, and Government: Indicted, which was released in November of 2013.

From 4-7pm EST each Saturday Marc takes calls on his radio show, The No State Project, which is carried by the Liberty Radio Network – (the same folks who play the 5-min Cop Block Radio Show). If you have questions or an incident to discuss with Marc, call (218) 632-9399.

Marc is a stand-up guy – definitely one who strikes the root. and who helps diminish the legitimacy granted to the criminal organization called “government” one mind at a time.

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Pete Eyre

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