D. McCarthy Stalks LibertyOnTour.com – Again

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On our last day in Greenfield Beau and I headed to the local gas station to pick up a few things. On our way there we witnessed Daniel McCarthy, a member of the Greenfield police, make an illegal U-turn and park near our location. As we approached I turned on my camera because the day before this same officer chased us all over Main St.

I realized that the officer was merely playing a game with us (probably trying to bait us into a confrontation) so we decided to continue on. Upon leaving the gas station (located about an 1/8 of a mile away from first encounter) we realized that the same officer was parked on the opposite side of the street and facing our direction. This bothered me, as it would anyone who was being followed, so I decided to ask the officer what he was doing. As I came to his window he rolled it up and pretended he couldn’t hear me.

That’s when Beau and I decided to walk further down town, turn a corner and see if McCarthy followed us. At that time I started rolling the camera again.

For those who live, and pay taxes, in Greenfield do you think this is the best use of time for this officer? Did you notice the double standards that took place over and over. No one who worked for the state wanted to help me identify this officer, not the Greenfield 911 dispatch, State police or Mayor himself! How are you going to fix this abuse of power, waste of money and intrusions on your life? A phone call to McCarthy is a great place to start, 413.773.1305 or email at mccarthy@greenfieldpd.org

For more about the Greenfield police department go to CopBlock.org/greenfield and/or watch the video below.

Ademo Freeman

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