Sheriff Admits That He Watched A Man Burn Alive Because He Was Wearing a Different Uniform

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In this video, Rutherford County (TN) Sheriff Robert Arnold is questioned by a Public Safety Committee on why he is again changing the sheriff’s deputies uniforms. Upon receiving some push-back from one of the Commissioners, Sheriff Arnold tells them of a story when he watched a man get burned alive in a car crash. He stated that he refused to save the dying man due to the material his uniform was made out of.

This is a tactic frequently employed by Sheriff Arnold at the committee meetings. Whenever a Commissioner questions a seemingly frivolous expenditure, he gives anecdotal examples implying that without it, people will suffer and die. Sheriff Arnold has gone on record defending police brutality in his office. Two incidents have gone viral on his watch; the first was a checkpoint on July 4 (, and the second was a deputy pepper-spraying a man fully restrained in a restraint chair (

In an interesting twist, the uniforms he claimed were dangerous were donated to fire departments and other police departments in the county.




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