Both CopBlock.Org and FilmingCops.Com will be credited in coverage on this collaborative rights project in the upcoming 2014 release of the local film documentary: “The American Biker Culture”, featuring a raw look at the actual unjust profiling, bias and discrimination against bikers and motorcyclists – produced by Harold Bryant and Hank McGrath.  The documentary gives a honest view into the life of bikers, motorcyclists, their families and friends – contrary to what government agencies and big media attempt to wrongfully portray to the public for sensationalism = ratings!

Both will also assist in promoting the film documentary when it is released. A preview of which is below:

“Crowdfunding” will be implemented to commence with the D.U.P.A. seminars and the completion of the film documentary.
B.A.D. and the American Biker Culture Center asks All CITIZENS , all groups/volunteers and all volunteers across the nation and abroad to be proactive in filming any/all events of police misconduct against bikers and motorcyclists and to help in the defense of biker rights (the right to live within that culture, of no harm to anyone) – deserving the same freedom’s and liberties as any other citizen – WITHOUT unjust profiling, bias, discrimination and corruption against the culture.

**IF YOU would like to volunteer with the DUPA-NYCopBlock project or D.U.P.A. seminars send us an email of interest to: or contact us on Facebook.