Execution in a Vegetable Garden

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May 8, 2013
Former Officer James P. Harris
Deland Police Dept, Chief Billl Ridgeway, 386-626-7414

Marlon Brown was being stopped at 12:30am for an alleged seat belt violation in the spring hill community of Deland, Fl. After exiting his vehicle in a vacant lot on foot and unarmed, he was followed by former Officer James P. Harris as he drove his police cruiser. Harris followed unarmed Marlon Brown, never deviating in his path nor decelerating in his speed. Harris entered the lot at 16mph and accelerated to 24mph upon striking and killing the unarmed Marlon Brown with his police cruiser. He next hit a fence and came to a stop in a neighbors back yard just feet away from their shed. Harris’ only comment of the entire event is that he was trying to scare the unarmed Marlon back to the wood line. That’s not seen in the video. The police chief Bill Ridgeway fired Harris immediately after viewing the video. However, our great State Atty Larizza refused to charge Harris with vehicular homicide, stating he did nothing criminally wrong, only violated policy and procedure. Also, the medical examiner states in her report that there is no evidence that Marlon Brown was struck by the vehicle. Did she watch the same video we watched? The family continues to fight along with their attorney Ben Crump for justice in this matter.

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Krystal Brown



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