Detained and Arrested Without Warrant or Cause – Children Abducted

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Date of Interaction: March 7, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Sheriff Deputy Erasmo Santamaria, Sgt. Doyle Grady, Sgt. Quinn
Police Employee Contact Information: Sampson County NC Sheriff Department 910-592-4141

At approximately 4:05 PM on March 7, 2014, a Sampson County Deputy came to the door of Mr Randy’s home at 180 Pear Lane, Godwin, NC 28344 and his daughter Cheyenne answered the door. The officer, who did not give a name or badge number, explained that he was there to do a “welfare check” on Cheyenne. When Cheyenne asked him who called for this welfare check, the officer advised, “Your mother, Theresa Davis.” Mr Randy walked in the room to see this happening and asked Cheyenne to call her mother, as he had already talked to her mother once earlier in the day and he was clueless as to why this was happening, and so was Cheyenne. The Sampson County officer stated there was no need to explain but Mr Randy insisted that Cheyenne call her mother and the officer listen, which he did. Cheyenne asked her mother why she was doing this silly business and Theresa Davis said, “Because everybody down there is calling me and telling me how your Daddy is crazy and out of his mind and that it is worse than before.” Cheyenne asked who “everybody” was, who was calling Theresa. Theresa Davis refused to answer as to who “they” were. Cheyenne saw through this entire ploy and told her mother, Theresa Davis, “If you can’t trust me with these so-called people’s names, then I can’t trust you. Tell me who ‘they’ are or [she had been advised not to talk to her mother anyway, due to the abuse, but she still tries] I will not talk to you any more.” The Sampson County officer then said, “I see what is going on here, I will have the communications officer advised that this is nothing.” He then left the premises having been satisfied that nothing was wrong.

Next, about 10 minutes later, I called Mr. Randy after having been forced off my own residence at 46 Beulah Road, Clinton, NC 28328, by my brother Micah, and also having been refused entrance into my home where my son Mat had just gone after getting off the school bus, also by Micah. I was shaken and bewildered. I then headed to the Sampson County Magistrates office and asked the magistrate as well as deputy Sgt. Carter if there was some reason or order which I did not know about that my mother or brother had wrongly done in order to keep me from my personal items and more importantly from seeing my own son, Mat. Having checked for any orders, warrants, petitions or other legal documentation involving myself or my son, and finding none to prohibit me from entering my legal residence to speak with my own son and obtain my personal property, I then asked what the Sheriff’s Department could do in assisting me in obtaining my property and getting my son out of this environment created by my brother.

The magistrate at this time, approximately 4:15 PM on March 7, 2014, directed me to see Sgt. Carter for assistance in obtaining my property and removing my son, Mat, from 46 Beulah Rd, Clinton, NC 28328. Sampson County Deputy Marinelli assisted me and successfully aided me in removing my son, Mat, from my brother Micah, due to the fact there was no legal documentation, order, petition or agreement giving anyone any legal right to keep my son from me. I then left, taking Mat to McDonald’s for supper, afterwards driving towards the home of Mr. Randy so the four of us (myself and my son, Mr. Randy and Cheyenne) could visit other Croatan researchers. This is when it really got crazy.

I arrived at the home of Mr. Randy at approximately 6PM EST on March 7, 2014, and like rapid fire, unnamed Sampson County Deputies were back to back doing these “welfare checks” with no more than 5 to 6 minutes in between each one, culminating in about 5 “welfare checks” in a 30 minute period! Mr. Randy’s daughter Cheyenne called the Sampson County Sherriff’s Department and asked if we should expect to see a Sampson County Deputy every 5 minutes all night long. Ms. Karmen Jenkins, the lady who answered the phone at the Sheriff’s Office, advised Cheyenne that she (Ms. Jenkins) had been ordered to tell us that we should stay put as someone was coming to see us. When Mr. Randy heard Cheyenne repeating this he took the phone and asked Ms. Jenkins (1) who had given this order, (2) if it was a legal order and (3) what was going on. Ms. Jenkins advised Mr. Randy that Sgt. Quinn had ordered this but she was not sure if Sgt. Quinn was even in charge. Mr. Randy told her that he needed Sgt. Quinn’s number. Ms. Jenkins told Mr. Randy that she would have Sgt. Quinn call Mr. Randy and he did. Mr. Randy was asked by Sgt. Quinn “to stay put” as another cruiser was coming up the driveway, according to Sgt. Quinn, AND that an “unknown” agency was coming to his house as well, according to the Sgt. When Mr. Randy questioned what this was about and who the agency was, Sgt. Quinn became illusive, secretive and not forthcoming, creating anxiety and causing us to feel uncomfortable and threatened by this unnatural and illogical behavior never before seen by any of us. Knowing that the home’s driveway is 1/10 of a mile long, up into the woods and the home is not visible from any public highway and now being fearful and concerned for our safety, Mr. Randy, Cheyenne myself and my son headed for the car, thus speeding up our pre-planned trip to Fayetteville, while still on the phone with Sgt Quinn.

Mr. Randy asked Sgt. Quinn if there was an order or warrant demanding us to stay put. Sgt. Quinn stated he was just “asking.” Then Mr. Randy, Cheyenne, myself and my son walked out the door to see a cruiser with no lights or sirens erratically rushing up to block the vehicle we were trying to get in. When we moved our vehicle forward and headed out, the cruiser erratically and violently tried to intentionally ram our vehicle, thus creating a sense of terror and fear, distress, aggravation, agitation, concern and also making us feel very uncomfortable and threatened. At this point Mr. Randy told Sgt. Quinn that we were getting away from my residence and taking his guests (myself and my son) and his daughter Cheyenne somewhere more public thus, more safe and out of harm’s way. Mr. Randy then hung up and drove down the driveway towards the public road.

After being followed by this cruiser approximately 1 mile to the nearest intersection at Hwy 13 and Autry Mill Road, Mr. Randy stopped the vehicle behind the car in front of us at the intersection. The cruiser was still behind us but no sirens or lights. The vehicle in front of us moved through the intersection and, as we started to follow, the cruiser made a short use of his lights with no siren. We were then in the intersection with no safe place to pull over and no lights, thus we continued through the intersection. At this time the cruiser was still following with no lights and no siren. After about 1/10 of a mile, the cruiser turned on continuous lights and Mr. Randy searched for a safe location to pull over, under a light. Cheyenne immediately called 911 for verification this was an actual officer. Mr. Randy turned into the first secure and safe area which was a left hand turn into Mill Ridge Subdivision under the first streetlamp not in an intersection.

From this point on, the videos, 911 call, facebook postings in real time online verification by Cheyenne and other digital recording will show the unconstitutional, inhumane, illegal, abusive, neglectful and dishonorable behavior of what can only be described as a Police State action against innocent and law abiding individuals, as well as children of the Croatan race.


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