Arizona Child Protective Services

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Date of interaction: 03/26/2014
Government employees involved: Carla Brewton AZ CPS
Government employee contact information: 602-771-0524

CPS inserted themselves into our lives forcefully regarding our newborn child Jason. There was a false report filed and instead of researching the points in the report, Arizona CPS decided to manipulate us into consensual agreements to involve themselves for an undetermined amount of time. After a meeting with them and a discussion, the terms we agreed to unknowingly changed after we left the office because they knew they had no case. The case manager Carla Brewton went to the state attorney and tried to file a case for dependency and after two emails I sent and filed, the state attorney agreed CPS had no grounds to stand on. Below are the two emails and I hope it helps others.


Below is a safety plan regarding our son and it is also attached. All required steps presented by CPS are listed and followed in the plan that was discussed in the team meeting that we attended on 3/24/2014. We discussed for Brandy and I a UA to determine no use of drugs and complied with that order. Per your results, we tested negative for all substances. The hair follicle test for myself was determined to be necessary by a party no longer involved in our case ( Jillian Hansen ) after we left the meeting. It was also determined in the meeting that the drug testing provided by Brandy’s methadone clinic would be sufficient, but that was also changed after we had left the meeting. While we will consent to comply with the plan discussed in the meeting, I feel that my 4th amendment rights are being violated and the courts will be privy to this on the upcoming court date – including this email. We have agreed and complied with those terms. Any further changes must be discussed with us in a team meeting before acted upon as long as there is no just cause to change the plan. Again, we welcome accountability because we know that Brandy will prove to be a fit mother, however we will be documenting this process to protect our rights. We understand our right to fight the dependence but we hope that CPS determines on their own that she is fit and we don’t have to appeal our plan. Thank you again Carla for your time and consideration. You have been very helpful in this process.

Dear Carla, CPS, and whom it may concern,

This email is being typed by Jason in response to recent email communication between Brandy and Carla Brewton. It is our understanding that at this point we have legal custody of our child Jason James. CPS got involved as a result of me contacting them with questions regarding my unborn child stated above, and at the time was unwilling to participate in any resolution to the issues at that time. Since the report, all parties have taken major steps on their own to resolve said issues without the involvement of CPS. We respectfully appreciate your efforts, but any statement or agreement we have made to this point without the representation of Brandy’s Lawyer is being retracted. From this point on, all communication regarding Jason James must go through the attorney representing Brandy. While Brandy will still be seeking counseling on her own and drug testing regularly, the need for CPS is no longer valid.

With regards to Carla Brewton, we believe that she has been an enormous asset in this process and believe she deserves accreditation for her efforts in following due process in the investigation. After extensive research regarding the law and our rights, we believe she has followed and obeyed the guidelines laid out for her. I wish I could say the same about her counterparts. We understand that Brandy is still involved with CPS regarding Kaylee and some accommodation must be met, but regarding Jason, we want to evoke our rights as parents and continue doing what we believe is in the best interest of our child.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and again if there is anything that needs to be communicated regarding our son Jason, please contact his or Brandy’s attorney.



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