GreenfieldPD and Brad Jardis Face Off in Comments Section

Brad Jardis gives his response to “GreenfieldPD” who’s been spending a lot of time commenting on lately. I hope he’s learning something and takes it back to share with the other LEOs.  It’s interesting to see this current cop and former cop discuss the meaning of policing as their views of the same job are rather different.

GreenfieldPD is block quoted where Brad J is not.

“Ok, Looks like I may have upset some people. Sorry it took so long to respond but I was on vacation with the family for the 4th.”

Thank you for being willing to continue the dialog here.

“Absolutely, police are held accountable. I know I can not do a lot of the same stuff you are allowed to do. If I were to get caught doing many of the things many people do I would be repremanded at work.”

This statement is a bunch of bull. A detective I used to work with got into a fight down on Hampton Beach in Hampton, NH…. and my former Lieutenant covered it up. The detective bragged about it. The assault was witnessed by a former CI that the detective burned (went around and told everyone he was a snitch) and the CI reported it to the cops. The cops contacted my former department to investigate. Poof…. nothing happened.

“What would you suggets someone do if they catch someone breaking into their house?”

Use whatever force they deem appropriate to protect themselves and their property… and call their private protection agency to take the person into custody for violating their property rights.

“A jail is not a public space. It is a secure facility that allows you to go there to bail your friends out. Even if its not a law, it may just be a facility rule. One that due to security breaches, must be followed. How would you feel if your tape gave someone the insight into how they could breach security and someone broke out and harmed someone. Would that be your responsibility?”

Your argument here is irrelevant. NOWHERE in the US Constitution does it say that rights can be attenuated. The 1st Amendment says that NO law shall be made to interfere with the freedom of the press. Adam and Pete are members of the press, specifically (The 14th Amendment incorporates the 1st Amendment to the states, by the way.)

If a law enforcement officer was really going to honor their oath, they would have to respect that people have the freedom to do what Adam and Pete did. Since we both know that most cops don’t even know (or give a flying fuck about) what the Constitution says, rights are violated every day.

“Basically the police messed up with the RV. No they do not have the right. People are humans, they make mistakes. Although they should be held accountable for their mistakes just like anyone, they do make mistakes. Not that the rv thing was a mistake. It was your a pain in my ass so I am going to be one in yours. Would I have handled it that way? No! but I understand why they did.”

This statement makes me believe you are NOT a Greenfield police officer. There is no way an active member of that force would make a statement here on a public forum where we all know the Greenfield PD is reading.

If Adam and Pete file a civil suit, which I hope they do, finding out who you are would be fairly easy with subpoenas. Your statement that the police were acting illegally/improperly would shoot their claim of “Qualified Immunity” right out of the water. I disbelieve you are who you say you are.

“I think I do my job very well. I am also very understanding. But when I am trying to do my job and someone starts demanding I give them their rights, it just gets annoying. I know your rights, I am not beating you, I am not torturing you, Im doing my job and I am proud to do it.”

You obviously DO NOT know what individuals’ rights are as you have proven yourself to not understand the very 1st Amendment of the document you allege you are sworn to defend. Your alleged oath is to uphold the United States and Massachusetts Constitutions…. and the federal one says that NO LAW can be passed which infringes on the right of the press.

“Im doing my job and I am proud to do it. I love it when someone is having a problem and I can help them. It makes me feel goot that I was able to help someone.”

The police do FAR MORE to hurt people than to help. If you claim otherwise, you’re full of bull. I was a cop for eleven years.

“I get to say, I feel good because I was able to help that person or take that druggie off the street so he does not break into anyone elses house to steal to buy more drugs.”

Your logic is tragically flawed. If you REALLY wanted to make communities safer you would support ending the “War on Drugs.” Do you? The “War on Drugs” is precisely why “druggies” are breaking into people’s homes to steal to buy more drugs… they are not doing it because they are high on drugs, they’re doing it because they are addicted to a prohibited product.

You are making the community far less safe if you support and enforce the “War on Drugs.” Again, another reason why I had to quit my former job.

“You are free to put whatever you want into your body. Weed, coke, heroin, model glue, i could care less. “

No, people are not… and you are full of crap. How many people have you arrested for possessing these innocuous plants and substances? How many people will you continue to arrest for it?

Unless you declare right now unequivocally that you will never again arrest someone for possession of an “illegal” drug, you are full of crap.

“But when you drive, sell it to my kids or their friends, break in to someones house to get more, Ill be waiting.”

Driving dangerously and endangering/harming someone because of impairment on drugs is a real crime with a real victim. So is breaking into someone’s house to get money to buy more.

Selling drugs to someone is a victimless crime… and since you’ll be “waiting” – you clearly DO care about what someone puts in their body, as you’re willing to put someone in a cage for providing said substances to the person who wants them.

“As for use of force, if its me or you, getting hurt, it wont be me. Im going home so I can help another day.”

You are willing to use deadly force to enforce the most victimless laws… this you need to understand. Every single law, no matter how victimless or silly, is backed up by the fact that the government will kill you if you do not comply with it. Another reason why I had to quit my job.

“That is the principle that this country was founded on, not being able to carry a fuc*in gun.”

You’re once again proving you have no understanding of the Constitution or history. This country was INDEED founded on the principle of carrying a “fuc*in” gun. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with target practice or hunting. It was put in place by the Founding Fathers so that a tyrannical government could not enact tyranny on the people.

Being from Massachusetts I completely expect you to be indoctrinated to think otherwise… so I am not surprised. Whenever you enforce (again, I question whether or not you actually are a law enforcement officer) one of Massachusetts draconian gun laws… you are violating your oath to the United States Constitution. Why should you care though, right? You get paid.

“I completely disagree with the armed society being a safe society. Think of how many senseless killings there would be if more people had guns. People over react to a lot. Many would get shot out of fear of being shot. It would be crazy. Completely unrealistic. I have come across many people that have no business having a gun.”

Most of the people who have “no business having a gun” are the people who work in government. The amount of people who DO NOT work in government who absolutely would never use a firearm in an aggressive manner are completely dwarfed in comparison by the amount of people who work for the government who would use their guns (and do…) to hurt people.

YOU are the violent one here, not Adam and Pete. YOU are the one who is willing to use your firearm to ensure compliance with various words on paper that ban completely harmless activities. Adam and Pete are non-violent people… who would never do that to you. You need to look in the mirror and lose the cognitive dissidence.

You really need to watch the movie Equilibrium.

“No not all cops are trust worthy. Not all bankers and scientists and firemen and priests and teachers and prostitutes are trustworthy either. I do not get your point.”

You wouldn’t get it, would you?


Words on paper said it was okay at one time to use violence against a black person who was drinking out of a white water fountain… was THAT okay?

“You have no idea what my mindset is. Please do not be bumb enough to try and guess either. I am a very patient tolerant man.”

No, you’re not. If you really ARE a law enforcement officer, you are a person who believes that initiating violence to solve a non-violent problem is a virtiuous act. Your mindset is that it is okay to use violence against peaceful people… so long as a bunch of people write down words on paper that say it is okay.

I had the same mindset as you once. Once decent non-violent people like Adam and Pete showed me that I was a violent thug, I had no choice but to quit my job. You are a violent thug who, like me at one time, doesn’t realize it.

“If you get in my face telling me you have the right to do this and that and you are bothering others and disturbing their peace and quiet, I will ask you politely to stop. Probably a few times. Then you will get locked up for it.”

Locking someone up for asserting and exercising their Constitutional rights is a blantant violation of your (alleged) oath to defend the Constitution. You clearly don’t give a flip about that, though.

Everyone should know the oath to defend said document is a load of crap anyways. It is a feel-good PR trick, just like the “Law Enforcement Officer’s Code of Ethics.” Care to debate me on that one?

“No big deal. I will sleep fine knowing that the family taking a walk that specific day can do so without listening to your rants.”

Of course you would sleep fine. I used to sleep fine after using violence against peaceful people to lock them up for doing completely harmless acts. Then I realized how much of a violent thug I really was. Now I’m unemployed.

You may be making money… but I’m not hurting people.

“I hope I get the chance to pull you over some day and give you a pass on a ticket, or get to come to your house for an emergency and change your mind without you knowing who I am or me knowing who you are.”

Showing decency does not relieve you of your responsibility for your other aggressive actions.

Simply putting on a costume with a piece of metal on it does not mean you are no longer an individual human being with moral responsibilities to your fellow man.

“As for why I will not tell you who I am. You have not earned my respect enough. I am a private person and like to keep it that way. I do my jib and go home to my family knowing I made a difference.”

I’m sure police who arrested black people for drinking out of white water fountains, or the Nazis, or the US Marshals who enforced the Fugitive Slave Act went home thinking they made a difference…. when in reality all they were doing was using violence to hurt people.

“I have never stolen, beat, or wrongly went after someone.”

Every time you get paid you are stealing from people… with the threat of violence.

“I wear my uniform with pride.”

Your uniform does not make your violence against peaceful people a virtuous act. It makes it worse… as it uses public perception to justify actions that are absolutely immoral.

“Just because you disagree does not mean im wrong.”

Just because words are written down on paper authorizing you to be violent to peaceful people does NOT make YOU right. Or moral. Or a good person.

I deeply regret all the people I hurt… simply because words on paper and a majority of people thought it was okay. Might does NOT make right.

“It means you are in the United States and have that freedom. Try your antics just about anywhere else and see what happens. You will gladly come back here and say sorry and maybe a little thank you would be nice.”

Ah yes… The tyranny is less here, so kiss the ground and thank god for what you have.

There is no freedom in the United States. It is sad that you think there is.

“Again, keep up the good work, no one hates a dirty cop more than I do. DO it the right way and I will stand with you.”

You are a dirty cop, you know. There is no such thing as a “clean cop” when *all* cops initiate violence against peaceful people simply because words on paper say it is okay. Might does NOT make right.

I know my response to your response has been harsh… but I hope you will take it to heart. Think for yourself about what it is that you do. If you truly are a good person, a non-violent person, you’ll have no chance but to quit.

There are lots of police officers who are good people who simply do not understand that what they are doing is immoral. I didn’t. I learned… and I corrected my life. It has not been easy, but my soul feels much better.

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