Right to Protect Myself and Live Happily and Healthily

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Police Employees Involved: Bakersfield Police Dept. Highway Patrol, & Sheriffs

Because of my fair skin and Irish descent, I have always had problems going out in the daylight. I burn after being in the sun for more than FIVE minutes, and anyone that’s ever had a severe sunburn knows just how bad this pain can be. It’s horrible; I’ve had potential skin cancer removed from my back and I’m only 30, yet I live in California where it’s illegal to have tinted windows, so I’m not allowed to legally protect myself. My step dad passed away four years ago because of skin cancer and skin cancer is at an all time high, but while driving we are not allowed to protect ourselves. For me, it’s been a constant battle because I’m a Class A driver, so driving is what I do for a living.

I’ve gone to five different doctors asking for a Doctor’s note which by law would allow me to have tinted windows, but all of them denied me the note. I called around and every Dermatologist said they cannot grant me this note because it’s a liability for them, so it’s not even possible to get a Doctor’s note, even though I’ve already had potential cancer removed. I’ve been forced to work nights, giving up any idea of ever getting married or having any sort of real family and lost several friends because of the life I’m forced to live. I kid you not, the last officer told me that I should just work nights JUST so that I can be compliant with the law and have clear windows. I’m beyond outraged that I cannot protect MYSELF by having tinted windows, I really wish we could raise awareness about this subject and maybe something could be changed soon because we are not all the same; some people burn easily and are more at risk for cancer, and we all should have the legal RIGHT to protect ourselves! Until then, I’ll continue to get ticket after ticket and watch the fines double and triple when I have to drive my vehicles with tinted windows, because I WILL protect myself, and not by gopping on sticky chemicals (sunblock) everyday that I’m convinced have chemicals that make cancer worse once baked onto the skin and also cause break outs, rashes etc, but by keeping my tinted windows in place ensuring my survival, happiness, and health.

I’m getting so angry because I am different than most people; I can’t go into the sunlight without being burned, but the laws don’t care about my handicap. Thirteen million people will develop skin cancer this year and in America it will be on the left side of a person’s face or body and in Europe it will be the opposite side of a person; scientists have found that cancer is developing on the side that the driver sits on! In America, it’s the left side, in Europe it’s the right side. We deserve the right to protect ourselves; it’s essential to our health and happiness!

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