Darryl E Berry Jr
May 2, 2014

If noon were a free and just republic, and midnight were absolute tyranny, I can’t say how close we are to absolute tyranny. Perhaps if I study the trajectory Nazi Germany took I’d have a better idea. It’s clear that we’re far from noon, and that we’re definitely moving towards midnight.

I do believe that there is only so much we can do at any given time, and all we can do is to do the most we can and go with that. At times, when seeing the various abuses of power, and corruptions going on, it seems like midnight is right around the corner. Then there are other examples of officials doing what’s right, and common and official people stepping up for liberty and justice, and it seems like we have a strong chance that freedom will prevail. In either case, I’ll list several things I conclude we can do to help halt the descent into midnight, and inch us back towards noon.

CATALOG INJUSTICES AND SIGN AND PRESENT THEM. One thing to notice about the US Declaration of Independence is that it is a DECLARATION. They didn’t ask for independence, or petition for freedom. They DECLARED that they are free. They said basically we’re free, deal with it. They addressed challenges to their freedom by taking up arms. They did so after doing everything they could within the system to have the injustices carried out against them redressed. They had a list of these injustices, and facts of the lack of reparations and cessations of them.

One powerful thing we can do as a nation, both for ourselves, and as a demonstration to the world, is to catalog the injustices that are being done unto us, and give those in power a definite presentation of these grievances, and time for reparation and cessation. Now this doesn’t mean that we stop and wait idly by in the meantime. We should still unite, educate, and be as capable and prepared as we can be in case we do need to literally fight for our rights and our freedom as our forefathers did. But in all fairness and decency, and to insure that our actions are just, it is prudent to be sure we’ve clearly and officially and widely expressed our grievances.

Some grievances may include:

* Members within the government actively participated in the 9/11 attacks, which then members within the government used the attacks as an excuse and justification to claim more power over the people, more movement towards fascism, and invasion of other countries. This devalues the Life and Happiness of all directly subject to the destruction, and their families, as well as their Liberty – they were killed, or left without their loved ones. This devalues our Liberty, as we didn’t vote to have a second “Pearl Harbor.” And it also presented us with false information upon which to make our decisions, affecting our Liberty. While someone may consciously choose to give up their rights out of fear, if the fearful choice is based upon a false premise presented by people who fabricated an illusion of danger, this undermines a free choice. And the investigation into the 9/11 attacks was quite empty, as well as the official conclusion, which ignored the findings of thousands of independent scientists and pilots and other experts, those at the site during the attacks, as well as family members and friends of those immediately affected, wanting a true investigation.

* Allowing a few people with money and power to dictate our policies, and control our leaders within the system, is tyrannous. This totally undermines the will of The People, and makes a mockery of the nature of the system that every official swore an oath to uphold and protect. Any official who knowingly places private or corporate interests above the welfare of The People and the planet, and above the will of The People, is committing a treasonous act.

* Law enforcement is becoming more and more tyrannous, with people getting beaten, killed, harassed, and overwhelmed by tyrannous police force. Examples include the many individual instances of excessive force, as well as larger instances, for example when in Boston, early 2013, the city was shut down and people were forced out of their homes at gun point by SWAT teams, their homes invaded. This was not a reasonable way to search for anyone, which could have been handled like other manhunts – alerting the public to keep a look out, putting his face and description on the news, on various crime watch sites and services, etc. And encouraging the population to be armed so they can protect themselves, which alone would act as a deterrent to the criminal.

I’m sure there are many, many more incidents we can list. Compile them, and let’s make a universal list of things we can all agree upon, which we sign and present to all of our (seemingly) elected officials. Or we can make our own individual or local lists, and slowly compile a database of the various lists of grievances we have sent in. No doubt much on our many lists will overlap. What unconstitutional, immoral, treasonous actions have you observed, investigated, or validated to your satisfaction, that officials have taken? We need to compile these, and make sure every citizen is aware of them, validate for ourselves incidents we may not be aware of, and then sign the list(s) and the compilation(s) and send them to our government representatives and the world. And I’m not exceedingly hopeful that our apparent representatives will actually address these things, given what they have not addressed and what they ignore thus far. But the grievances being sound, it is their duty to sincerely address them, and their oath to sincerely address them. Compiling, corroborating, signing, and sending these lists will go a long way towards educating more people, and formalizing our grievances, and establishing our recognition that these infractions exist and that they are not being redressed. This will also help in discerning which officials are actually for their oath, and which are not. If We the People do at some point need to actively resist governmental tyranny, everyone will be on the same page as to why it is happening.

ARM YOURSELF, AND BE CAPABLE. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government… I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

Arm yourselves as best you can. There are people in government who want to disarm us because a disarmed population is easier to control and tyrannize. This must be true, given that some people in government would kill thousands (9/11), lie about it, and use it as an excuse to grab greater control and power over The People. In this same way, some incidents are being used to make people fearful of arming themselves, and fearful of others being armed. Let me ask you a few questions – and I’ll give my answer to them since we’re not in person…

Question: If we are not capable enough to successfully and safely wield weapons, why then are those in government and police uniforms held as capable to do so? They are people just like us. If you say training, then I can think of a solution that doesn’t require disarming people: Provide sufficient training. Why instead of providing relevant training do they put that energy into lobbying for more gun control? Providing training is an easy thing to do. They could teach a few, and the rest teach others, and others, and so forth. But instead they push for dis-empowerment, rather than the EMPOWERMENT of a free populace and nation. Thomas Jefferson is saying he’d rather deal with the challenges of too much liberty – perhaps someone injures themselves or another with a weapon sometimes, rather than dealing with the challenges of too little liberty – for instance being subservient to and at the mercy of human beings who have little to no care for our welfare.

Children are sometimes injured on bicycles. We don’t ban bicycles. We give them training wheels to start, and they get better. Maybe we give them helmets as well. And even as adults, we may hurt ourselves on a bicycle. We may wear helmets and protective gear too, and exercise caution. Some throw caution to the wind, and do stunts and various acrobatics. Some do get hurt. At the end of the day it is accepted that sometimes people get hurt or killed riding a bicycle, however careful they are. We accept that, and go forward with our liberty. The same can be said for guns. Policemen and military personnel also have incidents of accidental injuries with weapons. It’s simply a part of having a weapon around, a potential for accident or injury. We’re adults. We can handle that. We can teach our kids to handle that, or behave responsibly around that. We can take precautions for ourselves and our family, train and practice, and use due diligence, and live as adults who can care for themselves capably. We don’t need ‘daddy government’ to wield all the destructive capability and protect us from ourselves, as clearly that deference of power and responsibility can easily be manipulated into tyranny. So take gun classes, and sign your spouse up for classes, and your kids. If you can’t afford classes, learn from someone you know who is knowledgeable, or read on it, research online, etc.

And of course know that guns are not the be all and end all to weapons. The military now has so many hi-tech gadgets, and weapons of high yield destruction. We’ve let it get to a point that we simply must work with what we have. Arm yourself to the fullest extend you can and feel comfortable doing, so you can experience your capability, and be ready to protect yourself, your home, and your liberty and your neighbors’.

EDUCATE YOURSELF AND OTHERS. The full extent of tyranny to which we are now exposed may only be known to those engaged in the tyranny. And perhaps just as they compartmentalize with us, they may do so among themselves as well. And this brings up another point of grievance…

* Several citizens are aware and acknowledge that there is extraterrestrial life that has visited and is visiting Earth, and citizens have directly or indirectly learned that government personnel are aware of this, and have even actively pursued extraterrestrial craft and technologies. Yet lies and cover-ups are presented to The People.

Free energy devices are a fact. I personal spoke with someone who was cured of cancer – a multi-millionaire I had the opportunity to talk with a few times. He had to go to Mexico to get the treatment, because when the inventor presented the finding to the government he was kicked out of both America and Canada. It is a device that sends some type of harmless wave or energy into or through the body that simply makes the cancer go away. His cancer was inoperable and standard treatment would still have killed him, so he had to find another way, and this is what he found. Government officials who withhold such information from The People are not upholding their oath to The People. I see us as being owed a damn good explanation as to why this withholding is being carried out, even to the point of silencing inventors of various free energy and ‘medical miracle’ devices and cures. And reparations need to be made: involved parties need to be excised from office, and everyday people who care about everyday people need to be put into office again. It’s time for us to get involved in our world, instead of seeking to let someone else do it for us – present the truth for us, protect us, wield destructive power for us, etc. There are people very willing to do so – at the cost of our freedom and liberty.

DON’T PROVOKE OR ANTAGONIZE LAW ENFORCEMENT, BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR FELLOW MAN. Something I suggest not to do, simply speaking, is to not be a jerk. I’ve become aware of videos of one or two people flaunting the right to be armed for no reason, simply walking around with rifles and pistols just to walk around and claim they are exercising their rights and not breaking any laws. Basically it’s true that it’s legal and your right to walk around with a few rifles, but to ask the rhetorical question – why are you doing that? Simply to show you can? Well we know you can. You know you can. The cops know you can. Is there another reason? It’s simple. Be mature and simply don’t do that. Such actions do not help the cause of freedom and liberty. To do this regardless of the fact that dozens of people are calling the cops afraid or complaining, and regardless of the discomfort that it is causing people, and regardless of the strain it puts on law enforcement who are citizens as well, is to totally miss the point of what it means to be free and liberated. A conscious, free, and liberated person has concern for his fellow man, and seeks to behave in a just and cooperative and compassionate and kind way. Just as the attorney I spoke with recently put it, simply always seek to do what is right.

What is it that we accuse the tyrant of? We accuse the tyrant of discarding concern for our rights and liberties; divesting themselves of concern for our well-being. Yes it is true that the masses of us have become overly sensitized to guns given the fear tactics the powers that be have used upon us. Perhaps a hundred or two hundred years ago walking around with a handgun and two rifles would have not have batted an eye. But in today’s world if you have no need to do so, simply don’t do so. It’s so simple. And if you need to do so, or you’re going about a task that needs your gun, do so. But just to walk around with guns open-carry just to walk around with them because you can – be considerate and don’t frame your rights and freedoms as a burden to others. You may make people even more afraid, and in their fear motivate them to push and plead that someone remove the burden of liberties, and in effect you would be working on the side of the people who WANT excuses to force limits on our rights.

Liberty is a burden – it brings the burden of RESPONSIBILITY. Liberty is definitely less of a burden than being under the yolk of tyranny, as Thomas Jefferson would say. But liberty is a burden just the same. Liberty is the burden of maturity – and it is a burden we can all handle. We must, if we are to be free. Simply be reasonable with your actions, exercise your rights as needed, yet show concern for the physical AND psychological welfare of your fellow man. Be the friend to fellow citizens that you want your government to be.



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