Georgia Police Officer J. Harris Claims Calling a Cop an Asshole is an Arrestable Offense

This post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Terrell Peezy, via the Submissions Page.

In the video, Terrell is filming Officer J. Harris from the Montezuma Police Department, but who apparently is in the nearby city of Oglethorpe, GA. Although the unidentified woman being stopped has been pulled over for having expired license plates, according to the dialogue on the video Officer Harris has also threatened to arrest her for saying that he was being an asshole for doing so. That obviously is not the case and would be a pretty blatant violation of the First Amendment.

After asking Terrell if he is a lawyer (because in order to know your rights and the Constitution you have to have gone to law school), Harris somewhat quickly retreats into his car and stays there. It’s almost as if cameras are police-bully repellents.

Date of Interaction: May 10, 2014
Officer Involved: Officer J. Harris
Department Involved: Montezuma (GA) Police Department
Facebook Page: Montezuma Police Department
Department Phone No.:
(478) 472-6260
Email Address:

This video depicts Officer J. Harris from the Montezuma Police Department serving the good community of Macon County by pulling over a single mother on Mother’s Day weekend for committing a violent license plate crime. He loves to threaten single mothers’ First Amendment rights over hurt feelings of being called an asshole for writing tickets.

He feels timeouts in jail are sufficient punishment for being called icky names. I know he will sleep well tonight being a community officer AKA money generator for his city. Officer J. Harris, car number 03, is keeping his community safe for his kids and family from dangerous tag-free cars.

– Terrell Peezy

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