Ticketed for Driving in the Passing Lane

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Date of Interaction: 5-11-2014
Police Employee Involved: Joshua Treat #5392
Police Employee Contact Information: (517) 676-8400

I was driving in the left lane of a two lane highway after passing a slow vehicle (that exited on the right side exit before I saw the officer). After passing foliage on the left side of the interstate, an officer pulled out of the “authorized vehicle” watch spot in the center of the highway. The officer began following my vehicle closely for two miles before pulling me over. There was no other visible traffic on the highway before the stop. When I asked if I had broken the law, the officer replied that I had been driving in the passing lane for an extended amount of time. He hassled me about my insurance papers and about my destination, which I politely declined to provide, before issuing me a ticket that requires a court appearance. The officer the proceeded to drive in the passing lane for the following two miles.


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