Columbus Cop Block 5-10-14

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Guess who? That’s right, your friendly obnoxious cop blocker DEO of Greater Cleveland Cop Block here. I recently met up with Centurion from Keene Cop Block, who came all the way out to Ohio to cop block with us in Columbus, in order to gain support for the Columbus chapter of Ohio Cop Block! Thanks for coming, man! It was a pleasure! We’ll get after Toledo next time!

We had a good night. We got a traffic stop on film, and got to see how checkpoints are done in Columbus. Did you do that just for me, Columbus?

We handed out PLENTY of Cop Block literature, and met some really interesting people!

Submitted for your approval is the video of those events.

There’s one guy who drove RIGHT into the checkpoint with a beer in his lap! I mean, you’ve got to help us help you, guy! We can’t do anything about stupid!

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Coming soon: Centurions uneventful day in Cleveland! We walked around the West side market a little, and handed out some literature. I cleaned up some trash I saw in the downtown parks while I was there. I got to speak to the Sergeant I spoke to at the Norml Rally, Sgt. Peters. He was nice enough to give us a few of his thoughts on film. He said he saw the tribute video I posted and appreciated that. This might be someone I can talk to about some stuff in Cleveland.

We are going to have to discuss some tough issues. I want to know what he thinks about some of the tough cases in Cleveland’s past about police abuse! Of course, the main one that comes to mind is the 137 bullets on the east side, and whether the department’s response was appropriate. We can take it slowly. Baby steps!




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