The Cost of the War on Drugs

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June 17, 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of Nixons’ War on Drugs. Ever wonder what it costs and if it’s worth it?

“That’s like putting almost everyone in Hawaii and Alaska in prison.”

Sheldon Richman once wrote “For years advocates of free trade in drugs—that is, basic rights to life, liberty, and property for drug consumers, producers, and merchants—have pointed out that prohibition, in addition to being an immoral invasion of liberty by the State, sets in motion a variety of concrete evils that harm innocent people. These evils include the corruption of law enforcement, violent crime, and the expansion of intrusive government. Besides these domestic evils, the U.S. government has alienated farmers in foreign lands by helping to destroy their crops and livelihoods. If that’s not terrorism, nothing is.”

Read more about the War on Drugs:

Drugs, Economics, and Liberty by Walter E. Williams
What the Drug Warriers Have Given Us by Sheldon Richman
The Fiasco of Prohibition by Douglas Rogers
Politics and Prohibition by Donald J. Boudreaux
The Re-legalization of Drugs by Tibor R. Machan & Mark Thornton

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