Call For Help, Go To Jail

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Date of Interaction: March 20, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Officer Mcdonald, Officer Phelps
Police Employee Contact Information: (304) 264-2100

I have a fourteen year old son who is mentally ill. He has been in and out of institutions his entire life. I am a single mother and I am trying to take care of him. Keeping my other children safe from his violent outbursts has been VERY difficult. About two months ago while doing my dishes, my son (who is 6’4″ compared to my 5’8″) attacked me and began punching me repeatedly. I made three phone calls to 911. It took the police almost thirty minutes to get to my house. During that time, my son not only beat me, but also went after his brother who is only ten years old. When the cops finally decided to show up, my son told them that I pulled his hair; guess who got put in handcuffs? Even though witnesses told the cops that I never hit my son, they still arrested me for FELONY child abuse. The same cop who arrested me made sure to notify our local paper the next day. Never mind that my son admitted to lying, and child protective services investigated and found it UNSUBSTANTIATED, I am still being charged with this crime. I used to believe that cops were the good guys, which is why I called them for help, but now I’m facing prison time. Next time, I will be sure to let my son beat me to death, because God forbid I call the police.


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