13 Year old girl hospitalized after police K-9 attack

This cute young girl had a very unfortunate encounter with the police. Actually, it was with one of their highly trained New Hampshire State Police K-9’s.  Her name is Frances Burke-Bevis. She was walking her dog when a police K-9 that was not on a leash came running across the street to attack her and her dog.  She was able to push her dog behind her to protect it right before the police German shepherd started biting and attacking her arm.

Luckily a woman was able to get hold of the attacking police K-9. At this time, neighbors put pressure on Frances’s wounds to stop the bleeding. Frances then went to the hospital to have her injury’s treated.

My personal feeling are that I love dogs. My dog is actually laying on my feet as I write this. I would never blame a dog for biting someone. You have to blame the owner or handler. Since this police K-9 bit a child, I feel that it is a danger to society and needs to be taken off the street. I feel that the police handler should be euthanized for training a dog to behave like this and not having it on a leash while on a public street… but that will never happen.

Below is a video of how a Baltimore officer is training beating his dog. Watch how this cop picks his dog up to shoulder height and then brutally slams the dog into the ground over and over while he’s choking it. No wonder this police K-9 was so angry it bit a young girl.

I apologize, but this video that had been up for two weeks, was suddenly taken down two hour after I posted it here. You can probably imagine how bad this police officer was abusing and beating his dog if it was severe enough for YouTube to take it down. Way to go, police; beat your dogs so bad that YouTube can’t even show the videos.



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