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Date of Interaction: May 11, 2014
Police Employee Involved: Officer Welch
Police Employee Contact Information: 412-241-4496

During a youth soccer game in Wheeling, WV, my daughter and another player had a nasty but accidental collision on the field. Several parents from the other team began shouting nasty things about my daughter with the nicest being, “Kick her out of the game,” but many were of a more threatening nature. At that point I said, loudly, to them to leave my daughter alone and come talk to me if they had a problem.

Then a guy stood up and shouted, “You better watch your mouth, I am a cop.” Keep in mind he is from Churchill, Pennsylvania, and we were standing in Wheeling, WV at that moment – about ninety-five miles and a whole state away from his jurisdiction.

Of course I said,”I don’t care who you are, you all need to leave my daughter alone.”

This cop, AND his wife, walked down to our team’s bleachers and he sat right beside me so his leg was touching mine. He started asking if anyone had any weapons. I told him, “Maybe”. He then said, “Do I need to start patting people down?” I answered, “You can try.”

Now his ego was bruised, so he called local 911 and, I shit you not, requested “back-up.”

A local deputy arrived. He sprinted over and told the local deputy lord knows what. At that point, he was the only person who had even gotten out of their seat.

The local cop came over and, as you can guess, his mind was made up. He asked me what was going on. I asked to step away from the psycho Tackelberry-esque Pennsylvania cop. He asked my name, and I told him. I asked to tell my side of the story and the local cop said, “No, I don’t need it. I need you to leave the premises.” I said I would, but again asked to tell my side.

The local cop said, “I am warning you; go now.” I told him the route I planned to walk and said,”I just wish you would have let me tell my side.”

Boom. The cuffs came out. He arrested me and walked me to his car. While he was putting the cuffs on, the Pennsylvania Cop came running at me and screamed,”Get on the mother fucking ground now, mother fucker!” Yes, he said that at a soccer game in front of children. Then, while being walked, the psych Pennsylvania cop began getting in my face and screaming, “See, I told you my brother would take care of your ass.”

The local cop, took me downtown, printed me and wrote me a citation for the worst trespass he could. The penalty was a fine, not less than $100 and up to $500, with up to 6 months in jail.

Today I went and saw the County Magistrate. I finally got to tell my story. Long story short, charges were dismissed and she actually called the local cop to her office and explained her displeasure at how this went down.

I have tried to contact the psycho-cop’s chief, but he never seems to be in and he never seems to call back. The number I listed is for that police department.




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