Judge Sentences Activist: Five Days in a Cage for Wearing a Hat

The City of Keene’s War on Hats on continues.

This morning, while attending the court proceedings of other activists, Beau Davis was arrested for wearing a hat. This past January James Cemorelis and Matt Griffin, both who are employed by the Keene Police Department – with help from Peter Macy (Keene Bailiff), physically assaulted  Pete Eyre for wearing a hat. Those charges, issued by police, were later dropped by the District Attorney’s office.

Since then the bailiffs in Keene haven’t initiated any arrest of those wearing hats inside court. Instead they’ve been asking people to remove their hats and if that person doesn’t they leave it up to the judge. I’m not sure if anyone, other than the officer pictured below, has worn a hat in Keene District courts since January but today Beau did. After calling a recess Judge Burke – the same “judge” who sentenced me to 60 days in jail for contempt – said, “If you still have the hat on when I come back, I’m going to hold you in contempt” according to witnesses. After that Ron Dunn – Keene Bailiff – asks Beau to remove his hat or face arrest.

(See video above from Nick, blogger a FreeKeene.com)

Beau was later brought back into court to once again face Burke. We’re working on a video of the entire event but ultimately Beau was sentenced to 5 days in the Cheshire Co Jail. No joke, when the police charged Pete with disorderly conduct and resisting the charges were dropped. Probably because wearing a hat isn’t disorderly – or a crime at all – and that it’s not resisting when you go limp. Yet, Beau’s charge is contempt of court – a charge that is heard infront of the same judge who issued it and without due process, like a trial. It’s a loop hole the court is using to punish people for wearing a hat, welcome to 2011 folks.

Please call the Keene District Court (number below), let them know that wearing a hat is NOT a crime. Jails were not built to house people who wear hats, Free Beau.


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of CopBlock.org.

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  • George Sand

    Oh god, not again. I fucking hate Burke.

  • I hear you George. Deja vu. Hope nobody loses their cool over this one and ends up in jail too. Quick question: Do the jailers know his name or is he keeping quiet? I remember Pete did that last time. I don’t want to screw anything up.

  • Ogre

    I’m a very peaceful person. But I have to wonder how long Burke can continue his rein of terror unmolested. Five days in jail for wearing a hat? In what world is that anywhere near reasonable? Never mind the fact the whole concept of hat-wearing as a crime.

  • 1605

    Sux, sux, sux. Thank you Beau for your efforts. Thank you to the members of the audience for challenging the court officers regarding their immoral and inhumane career choice. A hat!? A hat!? Comply citizen or we will put you in a cage. Thank you again, Beau, I hope your days pass quickly.

  • While I support many of the things done on your website, I do not support the actions in this video of the activist. As an attorney, I tell people all the time to remove their hats in court. It is called respect to the court. Frankly, had I been the judge, I would have placed him in jail even longer.

  • Dan

    But it’s just a hat man…It’s an object sitting on your head. There are more important things in life to worry about.

  • Dr. Q

    “As an attorney, I tell people all the time to remove their hats in court. It is called respect to the court.”

    There’s no law against being disrespectful and if there was one, it would be an unjust law. People have the right not to respect others and they have the right to express that lack of respect.

    Besides, you don’t even have a coherent definition of respect. The idea that it’s disrespectful to wear a hat is completely arbitrary. I really don’t care if people around me are wearing hats. I don’t see wearing a hat as disrespectful at all and you haven’t given any reason for me to.

    I do find it disrespectful, however, when people arbitrarily proclaim that they have the right to dictate what other people are allowed to wear.

    Frankly, had I been the judge, I would have placed him in jail even longer.

    Good for you. I guess that means you’re an even bigger jerk than Burke.

  • Adam Taylor

    Simply an aberration of justice.. Tyrannical even. To be sent to jail on some megalomaniac’s whim.

  • Dan

    The cop block guy in the white T-shirt filming this play need a little exercise,

  • I understand contempt of court, dress code, etiquette, respect of authority, etc., but I vehemently disagree and disregard since this court, just as most, are flippant, operating under color of law, unworthy of respect, unjust and unlawful.

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  • Al D

    Keep on doing what your doing. You guys are well versed and don”t lose your cool even though they were in the wrong. You have my full support. Keep exposing the injustices of people with badges!

  • 1605

    Are wigs disrespectful head coverings? Are ponytail holders inconsiderate? What’s the meaning of a requirement to remove a hat or stand for your oppressor when he walks in the room? Domination and control.

  • Nicolas

    I don’t think judges merit much respect, but it is incredibly stupid to wear a hat to court. It ranks with wearing pants at mid-thigh to reveal one’s underpants. Activism against law enforcement abuses deserves better than this.

  • Dawn

    Should’ve been “kidnapped” for longer, get these idiots off the streets.

  • Dawn

    Burke is my new hero.

  • rychefan84

    Under the circumstances the guy was held in the contempt of court it was his “right” to keep wearing the hat but in no way is it insane or unjust.Burke choose that jail time

  • Michael Schroeder

    @Dawn – You’d sing a different tune if you were the oppressed instead of the oppressor.

  • Josh the vet

    @Dawn- If you want to cage people, have the balls to do it yourself instead of hiring a proxy so you can hide behind your safe little keyboard.

  • wndrphl

    I have the perfect response to to a judge who says that I am in contempt….My fist Question is …..
    Sir is that Criminal Contempt or Civil contempt ? ( let them answer on and for the record) if it is criminal then, Whats the crime ? who makes the claim ? and who is the injured party ( of real interest ) or if stated Civil, Where is the contract ? (between you and me ) that has been breached ?

  • Randall

    I think that some of you are looking at things the wrong way. When you are in court, you are to follow each and every rule that a judge, bailiff, or any law officer tells you. If you do not, what you are doing is illegal. You can object and in this case have video documentation of that objection and take it up in a complaint afterwards, but you still must do what they say.

    The actions of the judge, office Dunn, and the other officers, although controversial, were completely legal.

  • John B

    Dr. Q and others,
    First I do support the concept of this website wholeheartedly and agree that law enforcement is getting way out of hand.
    If a person has a right to express their disrespect, then where do you draw the line? If someone sits in a courtroom and snorts or laughs or makes disrespectful comments, which is his right, how could anything ever get done fairly? How could anyone expect a jury or judge to not have that affect them? I do happen to think that the cap rule is ridiculous but somewhere, somehow, someone probably made the rule necessary. Regardless of what a rule/law is there will always be someone that thinks it is wrong. If we removed all the rules that someone doesn’t like we would have no need for courts, police, prisons, or anything else. There are people in this world/country (and yes, some of those are LEO’s) that do believe that violence is the answer to everything. So those rules would be gone simply because they think they are wrong. You cannot please all the people all the time. It is impossible. So where do we draw the line? It’s sad that we live in a society that needs ridiculous rules but unfortunately things have happened that have caused them to be necessary.
    The people in the video were saying the bailiffs were being violent???? So basically if a person were to lightly touch another person with their pinky they are being violent. The bailiff cuffed him and he went to his knees. They then got a wheel chair, a fricken wheel chair, gently picked him up and put him in it, and rolled him around. They didn’t drag him, throw him against the wall, punch him, taze him, or anything else. How is that violent? There are too many videos on this website that show true unnecessary violence from law enforcement and this in no way approaches that level. You realize that if that is violence, then just accidentally touching someone with a finger can be considered violent as well. Are you ready to go to jail for lightly touching someone? Wouldn’t efforts to get people out to vote to change the way things are done be a better use of time. We have a lot of problems in this country and the lack of basic common sense is becoming one of the biggest, both in law enforcement and civilians. There is not going to be an answer that pleases everyone. You and I both know this. We will always be forced to eat a rule or two or ten because some idiot somewhere forced the issue. It is the nature of the beast. The changes have to start at the top. Mayors, governors, congressmen, senators and president are the key to change.

  • Dawn


  • AlvinB

    Dawn: why do you hate freedom?

  • Larry in Va

    Mr. Hat (Beau)got what he deserved……citizens meaning THE PEOPLE have said and supported that WE give OUR judges discretion on how their courtrooms will function.Let me also add that if his actions are enough to irritate ME I’m confident then that it would also irritate a good majority of the citizenry since I’m pretty doggone laid back.

    I’de happily engage anyone here in a debate on why Mr. Hat got exactly what he deserved. Anyone GAME?

    ALL TOO OFTEN FREEKEENE folks I observe here on copblock cross the line from seeking out justice to just plain being a nuisance…..

    Perhaps wearing a hat isn’t unlawful but judges….that’s the men and women WE THE PEOPLE appointed to the position. I do NOT support anarchy and this is just another stupid example of creating useless issue over personal opinion.

    I own a home….I don’t like people wearing a hat in my home….I feel it’s disrespectful……as such you’re free not to enter my home….if you don’t like the judges rules don’t attend his court or cause yourself to be brought before him. It’s to easy…..and calling the bailiffs “violent” is so far beyond laughable it hurts.

    5 days is about right…..and tack on a 125 dollar fine for good measure.

  • Larry in Va



    “BEAU” and his buddies are the only megalomaniacs here on the site that I see acting on a whim to disrupt court only to serve their own egotistical agendas and to make piss poor attempts at baiting court staff into confrontations.

    Good Work to the Jailors,Police,Judge,Bailiff’s and staff of this court for putting up with this clown car of so called activists.

    Please Please Please get outside and confront the real jerks and problems out across the country abusing folks instead of taking the safe route of harassing personnel in the court……”BEAU” knows bullshit like this in the street might catch him an ass whoopin.

  • Eric S From Massachusetts

    If people do not like freedom of expression and freedom of speech, why are you even in this country? There are tons of other less free places, ie china, england etc and if you worship god fuck it, get down on your knees and worship this judge cause obviously hes your god. The state is your god. Please leave my country

  • Eric S From Massachusetts

    Ps to that lawyer, you are crazy. I would never hire you. You guys are all a waste of money

  • Eric S From Massachusetts


  • PabloKoh

    @Larry, It is not the judge’s courtroom. It is the people’s courtroom. OUR courtroom is simply a room inside of a public building full of employees and furniture that WE pay for. And YOUR $125 for “good measure” is around $200 short of what it is costing US to teach Mr. Hat a lesson about disrespect. Good luck getting that $125. So the man in the robe tacks on 2 more days for not paying YOUR “good measure” $125 fine. Now WE have just paid $455. Please Larry stop spending OUR money to attempt to teach an activist to respect the STATE. WE will always lose.

  • Chris Mallory

    Funny Larry, I never remember being asked my opinion about wearing a hat in court. I don’t remember any citizens being asked.
    And it is not the “judge’s” courtroom, it belongs to the citizens and taxpayers of the jurisdiction.

    “this is just another stupid example of creating useless issue over personal opinion.” You mean like the personal opinion that judges should be respected? Or the personal opinion that wearing a hat in the presence of my employee is disrespecting him? Or the idea that offending a government employee should subject a man to jail? You are right, the judge was stupidly creating an issue of a personal opinion.

  • Larry in Va

    excellent….a discussion…..

    1st to address Pablo…..

    It IS VERY MUCH the judges courtroom…..we the people instituted a manner of effecting justice and executing our duties by providing a safe and respectful courtroom is the cornerstone.

    When a judge…..who’s character you have yet to impune regardless of your juvenile attempts chooses to issue an order in his court it should be followed. Again….this man has worked hard to obtain his J.D. and was subsequently selected for the bench he occupies.

    When we create judicial districts it is incumbent on the township or jurisdiction to provide a safe and secure environment for the execution of justice. Part of that agreement means no weapons,no offensive attire….and in this judges case no hats….don’t like it….as I said before…don’t appear in his court…..dont like his rules ….complain to the cannons of justice committee…but I can almost guarantee that 99% of folks agree…..take the hat off….its fucking rude….thanks

  • 1605

    Fucking rude is protected in this country, Larry.

  • Larry in Va


    I doubt you’ll ever see any election that includes such silly issues on the ballot….if we were to do that wede spend 99% of our days voting and micromanaging our criminal justice system.

    While the building and physical space is the taxpayers….once court is in session the court is under the exclusive control of the judge presiding….. there’s no plausible argument you can make to the contrary…. today’s incident should be clear and convincing evidence of that fact.

    THat judge and staff showed great restraint in the face of sarcastic,rude and petulant little smart mouth cowards.


    yes…he was given a completely respectful request to remove his hat in order to show respect for the court……the court is not the man….the court is an institution….an institution that has rightly and effectively provided justice to so many unknown fellow statesman.

    ANd the best you piss ants can come up with is some weak ass argument that the judge was being “tyrannical” ….phooey…..the judge desires to maintain a certain level of decorum in the courtroom and in fact I can show you in olde english history where wearing ones hat indoors was a sign of DISRESPECT….

    SO congratulations to you and your crew….you managed to convince even more copblock supporters that the freekeene crowd is more of a liability than a service.
    You want to be respected…..show respect…Im sure the judge would have gladly entertained discussion on the matter in chambers AT THE CONCLUSION of the days business…..but you guys have no interest in improving the administration of justice…..youre a bunch of spoiled of brats who are still stinging from previous punishment handed down to your pals who also couldnt grasp how to live in a civil society…

    Perhaps all of you should seek mental health help since the more I watch the more I am convinced several of you suffer from anti social or anti authority disorders. Laws were created (WE HOPE) to protect society…..some laws are ridiculous….but yet we never see you confronting legislators who write the laws…..you instead choose to disrupt law at its most important point. You ask us to make call floods for you……beg for money and request support……

    Im willing to bet your support continues to dry up as you hold events like this. Every one of you should be embarrassed……

    spoiled…..rude…..brats who don’t have a damn clue and still are busy asking mommy and daddy to send money…..what a joke

    I too engage in police accountability in Hampton Roads Virginia…..Im 32….I balance my home life with my mission and EVERY piece of equipment and advertising I have received has been as a result of my respectful but persistent traveling of my local area…..filming both good and bad incidents…..and guess what….overall we have had better results….Bad officers dont want to be caught so they cease and desist….good officers are happy to be filmed and provide excellent examples for other officers and rookies on how to politely and courteously engage citizens while still effectively doing there job.

    think on that

  • Jean

    William Penn, a Quaker, had been fined for not removing his hat in court, had been imprisoned on his refusal to pay, This happened in 1670. The idea of not doffing ones hat, or removing it as a sign of respect or deference to persons of authority, or social status has a long history that hasn’t been appreciated by people with power.

  • jane

    learn the law

  • Pigs all of em

    When I was 16 years old, I made the mistake of wearing a baseball hat into a district judges office to pay my fines. The judge, District Judge Robert V. Manlove of Camp Hill, PA was entering the office, as I was waiting in line. He came up behind me and slapped me in the back head hard enough to jar my head forward knocking my hat to the floor and said “No hats in my office”. Sad indeed, at least I did not go to jail, keep up the good work free keene.

  • AlvinB

    Manlove used to be a cop for 7 years, so no surprise here.
    He is now retired and, quoting Larry from VA, “bullshit like this in the street might catch him an ass whoopin.”

  • George Sand

    @Larry – if you don’t want someone wearing a hat in your house, can you handcuff them and throw them in your basement for 5 days if they don’t comply? My guess is no. Not only do you not have a legal right to do that, it would be immoral, and my guess is you are not a psychopath, and you probably wouldn’t do that to someone. At most, you’d demand the person leave your house.

    You cannot possibly argue that 5 days in jail for wearing a hat in a courthouse, or a hat at your house, is appropriate punishment. Where do you draw the line for absurd punishments? Can you kill someone for spilling milk at your house? Can you beat someone for wearing a t-shirt you don’t like? Those examples are only slightly more absurd than jailing someone for wearing a hat. If you think a judge can jail someone for 5 days for wearing a hat in a public court house, you must logically believe that a private person has a right to lock someone in their basement for 5 days for wearing a hat, or engaging in other similarly trivial transgressions.

    Perhaps you will still maintain that this punishment is appropriate, but if you truly believe that Americans should be able to lock people in their basements and jails for what at worst can be described as rude behavior, then you cannot claim to stand for a free or just society.

  • “dissent is the highest for of patriotism”… Thomas Jefferson – The occupiers of the once free city of Keene are TYRANT SCUM!!! I am not name calling I am pointing out the self evident truth of the matter. Go back to grammar school Keene “officials” and re-learn what you forgot about, and what America is all about. We The People kicked your asses out of here in 1776! Search what Kennedy had to say about what is inevitable with actions like yours!!!

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  • Larry in Va

    oh george george george…..again comparing carrots to apples…..please list the last time your home was used as venue in a criminal trial where someones freedom was being decided.

    In these very courtrooms juries convene and testimony is given…..decorum is expected,demanded and even commanded in the name of the people…….if someone enters my home and refuses to comply with my requests I just as the judge would politely request compliance…..continued refusal would result in expulsion and resistance to expulsion would most certainly cause the authorities to be summoned and the offender to be
    1. Removed by force
    2. Barred from returning

    and if the subject in direct violation of my right to dispose of,use or gather on my property still continued to “non violently” sit in on my property then yes I would certainly use what force necessary to cause his removal.
    I would also secure criminal charges for trespassing since the fool clearly has little to no respect for OTHERS requests,feelings and rights.

    Just as the law applies to me it also applies to “BEAU”…. its a broken argument to imply his arrest was caused by wearing a hat……

    This fools arrest was a result of his willful failure to respect those WE have placed in positions of authority. A judge who gave a clear,lawful and not overly burdensome request…..which was repeated multiple times….and then an order which he was given SOME TIME to comply with….

    Bottom Line….the freekeener group have morphed from a true activist group into more of a nuisance group bent on disturbing events where people they hold grudges against are present……its laughable.

  • Checks and balances….. Courts are the Judicial Branch, Representatives are the Legislative Branch, and Police are the Executive Branch of this %$#@! Government. We are taught that one of the most special aspects of America is that the three branches of government are to be a check and balance against rouge, unchecked power leading to tyranny. It seems the Police have been duped, and just blindly follow orders against their Oath, when they should not. Police are meant to be the last resort in the system of checks and balances and protect We The People from rouge Judicial and Legislative Branches. There is an association of Police and Military that KNOW exactly what I mean, I suggest, no demand, Police and the other branches of government that may read this go to http://www.oathkeepers.org to see how far THEY have allowed their children’s future to fall from the pussy acts of tyranny they display. Any Police that disobey unlawfull orders WILL get the full support of the non violent freedom seekers. I have concluded after about 8 years of law study, America is under occupation by NATO paramilitary thugs and Keene Government displays it right in your face!

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  • Tanya

    The judge/bailiff/cops in Burke’s court all seem to spew the same justification for taking away freedoms: “…because I said so…”

    Where is the law? I will use the same example I have used before…what if the judge ordered a court attendee to stand on one foot? If he refuses he should be caged? I mean if “the judge said so” is all you need to justify taking away someone’s freedom then the system is not working right. There are supposed to be checks and balances to control the power of one person. If we don’t say “Hey, wait a minute – you can’t do that,” then who will? And BECAUSE a judge could make up any random reason is why that type of ruling (outside of any laws) must NOT be allowed.

    Also, in the video I noticed they tried to force people to stand when the judge entered. Should the people who remained seated also be caged? I mean, it’s the same argument – is disrespect a legal reason to lose your freedom?

  • George Sand

    @Larry – you brought up the example of wearing a hat in your house first. At any rate, people have MORE of a right to do as they please in a public court house than in a private home. They paid for the court house. Public property is supposed to be used for the public good, isn’t it? I mean, clearly, it’s not, but at least that’s supposed to be the idea.

    Who is “we”? Everyone except Beau? His money and taxes and position as an American doesn’t count? Or is “we” only your personal beliefs? Or only the people who agree with you conception of how rules should be enforced.

    You haven’t addressed the issue of disproportionate punishment. You have only stated that this is the way things are, and that respect and decorum is always demanded. You haven’t addressed why 5 days in jail is an appropriate, proportionate, and just punishment if we are to believe in the ideals of a free society.

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  • Larry in Va


    this argument is becoming tiresome…..from “he” (the judge) is a tyrant to arguing disproportional sentencing?


    do me a favor george…….step back….take yourself out of the personal emotional bond you have here

    then research standard “contempt” sentences for this judges court…I suspect you’ll find Mr. Hat’s sentence was well within standard and mid range for what he COULD have been sentenced to……

    More importantly you want to subject this judge and staff to SOME level of censure or requirement yet you fail to point out what if anything the mentioned folks have done wrong according to the constitution of USA….State Code….USC….really anything

    THe judge has the right…..bestowed upon him by the people not the person to effect justice and maintain order in his courtroom as he see’s fit. I have yet to see a single form youre organization has filed with the state complaining that the judge is out of order…..acting carelesly…..or is unfit?

    so the question is….what if anything HAVE you done about this so called rogue judge? and what if anything have the PEOPLE (plural) said in response?

  • Larry in Va

    PS George

    funny yesterday I mentioned visiting or talking with this judge AFTER court and today you follow suit….

    however…I’m dissapointed….apparently it’s amateur hour at copblock……WHO’S BRIGHT IDEA was it to permit ADEMO to go to and speak with this judge without AT THE LEAST a 3rd party and mainstream media?

    ADEMO …and ALL of you HAVE TO KNOW that after what most of us would consider “pestering” of this judge with your juvenile shenanigans for as long as I’ve visited this site…..would result in the judge eventually pouncing (like a lion)on your entire staff WHENEVER given the opportunity……stuuuuuupid move……poor tactical forethought

  • Larry in Va

    Why arent you guys setting up some type of operations center…..staff it live with a Phone # 24hours….

    start by

    obtaining the necessary forms online to initiate appeals on every one of the criminal cases that are still within time

    obtain change of venue forms and self file

    contact the state house and find out how to file a charge or complaint against the judge…..and list a bill of particulars with dates corresponding to the actions your filing formal complaints about?

    get these arrests on mainstream media

    get supporting sites to headline these arrests

    figure out who is going to head the show thats coming


  • Larry in Va

    come on I pitch a handful of half baked criticisms at you and the response to me is slow and poorly thought out…..why arent supporters manning this site live?

    Heres my offer Ill drive up from Virginia with MY crew and cameras and guys who are former magistrates,police officers and efficient at popping folks out of jail so that you have your top guys back and can mount a strong defense from outside….Im packed up already with 5500 cash …..5 Canon GL pros…..mainstream contacts…laptops…mifi’s….5 people and a minivan…..

    all I need is the name of a banner printer there in town ahead of arrival

    (Because apparently no one is yet)

    this is my 1 offer and it explodes at 2359 EST tonight…..

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  • George Sand

    I’m not arguing the law with you, Larry. I know what the law is. I have taken an entire course on remedies, which of course includes contempt, both civil and criminal. I’m arguing whether the law permits this. I’m arguing that it’s not right. It is possible for the law to be immoral. And in this case it is disproportionate and immoral. As you yourself have seen, the law permits police to abuse people. In several states, it is illegal to film cops. In all states, cops have qualified immunity even when they behave unreasonably. I can sit here all day and say that the law permits qualified immunity, and the law permits the cops to arrest people for filming. But that doesn’t make it right.

  • Larry in Va

    ahhhh george but are we dealing with a plenary contempt cases…. summary contempt cases or both?

  • TheKinginYellow

    Larry AND george. Ah the flame wars, the almost ignoring of the other persons point. GET A ROOM. >.<

    The request seemed reasonable to be, the punishment seemed unreasonable. What happened to "remove this man from my court" ? All the judge needed to do was expel the guy.

    As for other injustices, I am allowed (and protected by the freedom of speech) to fucking express myself however I feel like. I am allowed to be an idiot and piss the judge off. Is this wise? No. But I can. If I annoy the judge, might not the judge find some small tiny thing I am doing wrong and be vengeful? Quite possibly.

    If anything the first thing that came to mind was judge dredd… besides the rest of the story kind of points to the law enforcement as at fault. Singling out one person to punish is arbitrary.

  • Steve

    I’ll never understand why people can’t simply do what they are asked while in court. Take the hat off, express that you don’t want too take it off, but take it off. There is a time and a place to show your anger about something. Just before the judge walks in is not one of them.

    Also how about dressing like an adult when you are appearing in court? Maybe if copblock showed a little more professionalism and less juvenile bs mainstream media outlets would take them seriously. Nice t shirt and jeans. I’m sure people are going to take you seriously when you dress like your just hour out of bed.

    Also was the judge out of line for the 5 day sentence? Maybe, but no one will ever know because there is little to no reason for the general public to listen to this group.

  • Michael J. Maloney

    No matter how you parse the argument – the punishment does not fit the crime. In other words, if the hat don’t fit, you must acquit.

  • Nick waitches


  • Jay

    You guys are a bunch of douche bags. Why not get a job and contribute to society instead of acting like complete asses? You portray yourselves in a manner which invalidates those who have legitimate grievances…….you’re laughable.

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  • Victor

    this judge would rather waste the tax payers money because this man did not remove his hat. do not support these judge and judges like these.

  • Tony Koulter

    Seriously? all this for wearing a hat? Keene is a joke, this is nothing more than a corrupt system of rats abusing the rights of individuals over rediculous victemless policies (not law)
    I have never seen anything so weak and pathetic and these individuals are the weakest on 2 legs. Ireally do hope that 1 day these types get a taste of their own medicine. Disgusting pathetic keene clowns. Sue the corrupt clowns for all they are worth, as little as that may be it would be worth it to put these old pathetic keene fools through hell and hopefully behind bars where they would cry like babies..

  • tony k

    Im Australian and i was puuled over for an expired licence, the cop asked me if i could have it renewed within 7 days and i was free to go, i drove for another 2 weeks on the expired licence b4 i renewd it. No big deal here, 7 days to renew. Police here dont violate citizens rights and they would never taser any1 for having an expired licence as American cops do because they are uneducated on the law and have attitudes of 2 bit thugs. Australian Police are Professional and fair, and its why they get alot of respect for what they do. Cannot say the same for American Cops they are unprofessional and disgraceful.

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  • Michael Johnson

    This judge like soooo many others grossly abuse their power. Judges are just attorneys elected to that position — they are no more right than the average man or woman on the street AND it is THEY who work for us – not the other way around. It is NOT a written law that a person must remove a hat in a court room rather it is “imposed” by the judge. These judges refer to the courtroom as “Their Courtroom? NO — it is not their courtroom — it is our courtroom dammit!! Question — so what if a judge doesn’t like red shirts or cowboy boots. According to many respondents above – then that judge has the right to require you to remove them or face imprisonment and or fines. NO NO NO!! These fukin judges are abusing their power. There fukin job is ONLY to execute the laws that are written and on the books — their job is not to impose their own personal desires on the public.. There’s nothing supreme about the supreme court — just look back at their decisions. Can anyone tell I hate fukin judges who abuse their the power entrusted to them!!!

  • Michael Johnson

    I’m sorry people “It is NOT the judges courtroom” It is the peoples courtroom. We pay his salary and we paid for the courtroom and a judge has no right to impose his personal will in a courtroom. His JOB is to impose ONLY the laws that have been passed and are written into law!!!!

  • Jason

    I said it once and ill say it again if anyone will listen. All you have to do is state “It is against my spiritual beliefs to have my head uncovered anywhere except within my own home. If you wish to provide me with a head cover and a private space for me to switch head covers in I will be happy to oblige. Otherwise, you need to move on with the proceedings as I will see any further issue with my head covering a violation of my right to religious freedom and i will sue for violating said rights” You are allowed to have your own religous beliefs without being part of any church. If he then issues you somer ridiculous head cover to make a point, file contempt of court charges on him. “HE” is not the court. the seat in wich he holds is “THE COURT” and if he does something ridiculous to make a point it is him that is disrupting proper court proceedings. hell if you want to push it even farther actually start your own church (its not hard) on paper. write up the rules and walk into his courtroom with 30 of your church followers in their favorite ball caps or beanies. He’s taking advantage of the law over an arbitrary issue just to feel powerful… throw it back at him…

  • Keith Milkner

    Jaqwan Filepe Kowalski quoted it best as it applies to hats in courtrooms, “We’ve all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true. ”
    The “Falome” theory states that if you apply pressure yet perserveer, you don’t become a diamond because this is physically impossible, instead you become the “Truth”, as it applies to the former. Think of this the next time you want to challenge a court “fa sen nua qua”. The betterment isn’t only gratifying, it’s necessary.