Cops Give Cannabis Patient Ticket on BMX

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Date of Interaction: 5/22/2014
Police Employees Involved: Benasiron and Wilson, Badge Numbers 4318 and 3851

The following incident happened in San Jose, California on White and Mt. McKinley.

I was riding a BMX bike up to the crosswalk, on the wrong side of the road. I saw a cop car make a U-turn as it passed me. I continued riding my BMX bike up to the crosswalk and the cop car passed and did another U-turn. Knowing they were going to harass me, I continued straight on the wrong side of the road. Finally, the cop car pulled up, driving the wrong way on a two lane street. The cop driving the car got out of the car, very hostile. The cop told me to stop and not to resist; I asked, “What did I do wrong?” The cop used the excuse, “You fit the profile of a suspect we are looking for.” I was wearing baggy jean shorts, a southern comfort shirt, and a camouflage beanie. After about an hour wasted being detained, having my backpack’s contents thrown all over the hood of the police car, a serial check on my BMX bike, and a million questions about where “the cannabis I had” was, the cop decided to write a “fix it ticket” for not having brakes, on a brakeless frame BMX bike. I consider this a waste of taxpayers’ money; how about you?


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