NH State Police Liars

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Date of Interaction: August 2012
Police Employees Involved: New Hampshire State Police

In August of 2012, I was stopped along Route 155 in Dover while bringing my girlfriend’s friend to the hospital because her nephew was being born. I was stopped for a temporary inspection sticker, which was not even expired. The officer first on scene told me why I was being pulled over, then asked me if there were any drugs, weapons, etc. in the car. It was eight in the morning, that would be the last thing I had in my car. She asked the two other passengers I had in my car for their IDs and then went back to her cruiser.

Upon arrival back at my car, she pulled my passengers and I out of the car and asked me if she could search it repeatedly. I denied, denied, denied. Then another cruiser pulled up. First, they told me they wouldn’t search it if they had a dog walk the perimeter and if he didn’t hit they would let me go on my way. I said, “Fine, if that’s what it takes to get me out of here, do it.”

After I agreed, they said a dog was not available right then. Then they both went on to tell me that if I did not consent to a search, they would impound my vehicle and they would search it then. Not knowing they could not do that to me, I agreed. I was told my car was clear and I could go freely on my way.

I shared my story to show that you have no rights with police if you do not know your rights. Today, I would’ve submitted complaints on both of these officers for infringing on my rights multiple times.




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