Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change Arrested At Bildergberg 2014

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We Are Change is reporting that Luke Rudkowski has been arrested at the annual Bilderberg group meeting taking place this year in Denmark. Minimal details are available, the video below is titled as kicked out and then arrested, but the video only shows them being asked to leave. The video description was updated a moment ago, as follows;


We were in the Marriott Hotel lobby. Luke Rudkowski went to confront the Bilderberberg organizers. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, Luke, and I, were then immediately ordered to delete all our footage.

The police were called. Paul and I left like we were asked although we had rooms at the hotel. Luke and Dan were right behind us, too heading for the door. We later found out that Luke and Dan Dicks were arrested.

Charlie of the Guardian and his wife Hannah (an organizer for the protest) who we were having drinks with earlier were then tracked down and evacuated from their rooms because they were seen speaking to us…they called us and told us we too were not allowed to return. They were told that the hotel was simply “taking orders” from the secret service.

Earlier, Charlie and Hannah were sat near the Bilderberg organizers and heard them talking to the security. The security told the organizers that they would be “protected.” From what? Camera phones?

These people decide our future. Whatever they are deciding, they do not wish us to know. Yet.

Stay tuned to We Are Change, they will have updates sooner than I will. Luke’s Twitter Account. We Are Change’s Facebook page

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Luke Rudkowskie Arrested At Bilderberg 2014
Luke Rudkowskie Arrested At Bilderberg 2014


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