PBS.org doing stories on string of police atrocities in wake of Katrina

These stories are too numerous to list on Copblock.org so it will better serve the interests of PBS to just refer to their site and the work they are doing by bringing the violent and criminal actions taken by so-called “law enforcement” in the wake of hurricane Katrina to light.

The circumstances, although peculiar to a widespread natural disaster, are not beyond the realm of possibility anywhere disaster may strike, particularly in urban and heavily populated areas. Make no mistake, there will be no due process, no facing one’s accuser, no trial by a jury of one’s peers, and no securing of individual liberties. The implications are frightening. These men are not to be reasoned with. They move under color-of-law, exacting violence and ad hoc “justice”.  In such circumstances, these are not law enforcement officers, they are armed bands of murderers.

I adhere strongly to my vow to non-violence. However, I do not know how to suggest people to respond to police preying upon the people and taking the law into their own violent hands. I think that in such a case it may be that the people who are armed take preemptive action against the police. Yet, once that tact is realized it will turn on the people because the police will use that as justification to preemptively shoot the people. It is a vicious circle with no one prevailing.

The stories at pbs.org are:

  • MYSTERY ON RELIGIOUS STREET Seconds after this photo was taken, police seized the photographer’s camera. Why were they so concerned?
  • MATTHEW MCDONALD His family didn’t know he had been killed by a police officer.
  • DANNY BRUMFIELD How does a man waving down a police car die from a shotgun blast to his back?
  • KEENON MCCANN He survived being shot by a high-velocity police assault rifle. But the gun police say he was holding was never found…
  • HENRY GLOVER A stranger tried to get police to help Glover, who had been shot by an unknown assailant. His charred remains were later delivered to the morgue in five plastic bags.
  • THE DANZIGER BRIDGE INCIDENT Six civilians were shot in one of the city’s most notorious post-Katrina incidents.
The series is called Law & Disorder and can be viewed here.


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