John Kurtz Jailed for 30 Days – Needs Your Help

One of the best police accountability activists and founder of, John Kurtz, has been jailed for 30 days. This stems from an incident where John was merely trying to hold police officers accountable one evening (see video below).

Below is an update from and it’s call for support of John.

The Jury is out after 2 long days of trial; the second day running all the way to 10PM on Thursday June 30th. John Kurtz has been convicted of resisting arrest without violence. John’s sentence, 30 days in a concrete cage, 7 days already served and 1 year probation.

The evidence … the cops word … several cops on the stand all with different stories .. each having changed their tune several times throughout the whole process. The kicker .. Adam Gruler, the arresting officer even testified that John did not resist arrest.

No video of the trial, the man in the robe (Apte) kept threatening anyone who came close to touching their cell phones, breathing wrong or nodding their head etc..

Please stay tuned on how to send mail to John Kurtz and how to help fund his commissary account.

Please feel free to call the Judge, Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Jail. Let them know that caging peaceful people will not be tolerated by the general public.

Circuit Judge Alan S. Apte
Address: 425 N Orange Ave, Courtroom 18A, Orlando, FL 32801
Office: 407-836-0535
Judicial Assistant: Hale
Hale’s Email

Chief Judge Belvin Perry
Address: 425 N Orange Ave, Courtroom 19D, Orlando, FL 32801
Office: 407-836-2008
Judicial Assistant: Gay

Orlando Police Department Headquarters
Address: 100 South Hughey Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801-2501
Non-Emergency Complaint Desk: 321-235-5300
Information Desk: 407-246-2470
Community Relations: 407-246-2461

Orange County Corrections Jail Facilities Address: P.O. Box 4970, Orlando, FL 32802 Phone: 407-836-3400

I’ll be doing what I can and I hope others see the wrong being done to John as well. Please join in with the thousands of others calling these public officials, let them know your displeasure behind John’s caging (at your expense). Also, having been caged for peaceful actions myself, please consider sending John some mail. It helps those behind bars stay positive while going through such a shitty (sorry, no other word for it) experience.

Ademo Freeman

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